Electronic Frontier Canada


[WebFeet Approved]
Electronic Frontier Canada's web site has been recognized with the "Web Feet Seal of Approval" since February, 2001. Web Feet provides Internet services to libraries and schools, with unlimited access and no filtering. Web Feet identifies and describes the best web sites in hundreds of different subject areas. The folks at Web Feet give their seal of approval, "only if our team of experienced educators, librarians, and editors think it is an outstanding site in its subject area. The Web Feet Seal of Approval tells teachers, librarians, parents, and students that a site is especially valuable for research, teaching, or general interest, and is safe and reviewed for student use."

[Key Resource]
Electronic Frontier Canada's web site has been recognized since July 1998 as a "Key Resource" in the area of Human Rights. "Fewer than one page in one thousand" is selected for a Links2Go Key Resource award, which is given on the basis of "an objective analysis of millions of web pages".

[Yahoo Pick of the Week]
Yahoo! Canada selected Electronic Frontier Canada's web site as their ``Pick of the Week'' for May 23-30, 1997 after they read our press release about Elections Canada censoring anonymous political advertisements on the web. The government then started sending threatening letters to sites that were planning to publish the results of opinion surveys, in volation of a government-imposed publication ban. For more details, please read out Elections Canada Information Page.

[web license]
Electronic Frontier Canada was one of the first web sites in Canada to be licensed, under Section 9 of the Information Highway Act, by the Canadian Internet Licensing Board.

[netguide gold site]
Our web site was selected as a "NetGuide Gold Site" for "overall excellence" on January 21, 1997. The folks at NetGuide Magazine review tens of thousands of sites and selected ours as being "one of the best on the Web", in terms of content, design, and personality.

[looksmart, editor's choice]
Our web site was recognized with the LookSmart "Editor's Choice Award" on January 20, 1997 for a "providing a very useful and high quality website", in the Issues & Society and Education & Reference categories. LookSmart is a subsidiary of Reader's Digest.

[digIT Top 50]
Our web site was named one of the top 50 web sites in Canada in September, 1996, by the folks at digIT Interactive as recognition of Electronic Frontier Canada's role in ``keeping the true net strong and free''.

[canuck site]
Our web site was named Canuck Site of the Day for July 12th, 1996, and described as ``one of the most important sites in Canada''.

[cool site]
Our web site was named Canadian Cool Site of the Day for February 23rd, 1996.

[webby award]
Our humble web site was recently honoured with a Webby award by Toronto's eye Weekly magazine. We were named eyeSITE for the week of December 7th, 1995.

[top canadian]
Our web site has been recognized as a Top Canadian Web Site and is featured in the 1996 Canadian Internet Directory.

[two stars]
Our web site has been given a Magellan ``two star'' rating. The ``green light'' means our site ``contains no content intended for mature audiences'' (We'll have to see if we can correct that problem.) A brief review of our site is listed in the McKinley's Internet Directory.