The following document is out of date, as of February 13, 1996, because CompuServe lifted their ban on hundreds of Usenet newsgroups. The document below is retained for historical interest only.

January 3, 1996

Register your Opposition to
Compuserve's Censorship of Usenet Newsgroups

[compuserve censorship] If you would like to register your opposition to CompuServe's decision to block access to hundreds of Usenet newsgroups, please complete the following form and submit it to Electronic Frontier Canada by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. You'll be added to our growing list.

If you're uncertain how to reach CompuServe, we have all the contact information you'll need.

I oppose CompuServe's censorship of Usenet newsgroups in Canada and ...
I have cancelled my CompuServe membership.
I have sent feedback to Compuserve expressing my opposition to their decision to block access to hundreds of Usenet newsgroups.

My Name is:
My CompuServe ID is/was:
My new/alternate email address is: