The following document is out of date, as of February 13, 1996, because CompuServe lifted their ban on hundreds of Usenet newsgroups. The document below is retained for historical interest only.

January 3, 1996

EFC's Registry of Canadians Opposed to CompuServe Censorship


Electronic Frontier Canada is opposed to CompuServe's recent decision to censor Usenet newsgroups. In typical Canadian style, many CompuServe customers are "voting with their feet". As a service to Canadians who have decided to cancel their CompuServe accounts, EFC is in the process in setting up this email registry.

Here's our idea: Your friends and colleagues will need to have an easy way to find out your new email address if you've left CompuServe. This way, they can visit this convenient web page to find out how to reach you in cyberspace.

Name CompuServe ID Action Alternate Email Address
Jeffrey Shallit,
(EFC vice-president)
73113,1432 cancelled
Jan Christiansen
Prince George, BC
71311,2636 feedback
Doug Marshall
Toronto, ON
73122,1472 cancelled
Claude Beaulieu
Montréal, PQ
76417,*** cancelled
Mack Pitchford
Vancouver, BC
75046,3354 feedback
Ilias Kotsovolos
Mississauga, ON
71021,3531 cancelled
C.V. Elias
Toronto, ON
74642,2402 feedback
Tim Lee
Toronto, ON
76573,700 feedback -
Robert Friedrich
Trail, BC
- cancelled
David Shanahan
Mississauga, ON
75247,2066 feedback -
Gordon Dunkley
Victoria, BC
74534,1252 feedback
Bob Maher
Montréal, PQ
75267,3010 feedback -
Sylvain Larocque
Montréal, PQ
76275,1144 cancelled
Ken Henault
Litchfield, NH
71117,1520 cancelled
Bruce Robere
Clinton Twp, MI
74127,1257 cancelled
James E. Wynn 70661,626 cancelled
Melody Joy DePlonty
102660,2502 cancelled

To be included on this list, you should be:
a Canadian or Canada resident,
a current or former customer of CompuServe, and
opposed to CompuServe's censorship of Usenet newsgroups.

Add me to the list!

... if you want to be on our list, and your browser can't handle Web forms, please send use the following information to:

	Check one:
	( )  I have *cancelled* my CompuServe account.
	( )  I have *sent feedback* to CompuServe expressing my opposition
	     to their decision to block access to newsgroups.

	My name is:
	My CompuServe ID is/was:
	My new/alternate email address is:

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