EFC Mailing Lists

Electronic Frontier Canada maintains several email lists for a variety of purposes. In general, you can join or leave a mailing list by sending a "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" message to our automated mailing list server, with an address of this form: (  [listname]-request@efc.ca  ). Membership on these lists is private information that is not disclosed, however, people posting messages obviously reveal their membership to others on the list.

If you have any problems, questions, or changes to your email address, you can contact a real person at: efc-lists@efc.ca

EFC-TALK - moderated discussion list
This mailing list is intended for open discussion of EFC-related issues such as freedom of expression, privacy, cryptography, government regulation, and police action involving computers, communication, and information technology in general.

Discussions are often sparked by news items and have a particular focus on issues affecting Canadians. Postings that help the discussion by including relevant facts and hyperlinks to related newspaper articles or web pages are encouraged. Messages should contribute to the discussion by doing more than simply quote a previous posting and add "Yes, I agree", or "Me too!". Messages must be in plain text and should not contain "attachments" or HTML formatting. Signatures at the end of your message should be concise and generally not more than 3 or 4 lines. Messages that are spam or significantly off-topic are filtered out by the moderator. Anonymous messages are accepted through various anonymizing remailers, or through djones@efc.ca as a trusted intermediary.

This list is open to anyone who is interested in participating. Anyone on the list can add to the discussion by sending a message to: efc-talk@efc.ca   If you reply to a message, it will go to the original sender. If you wish to send your reply to the list, you must explicitly re-address it to: efc-talk@efc.ca  

This is a private discussion list. Reporters may participate, but may not quote from postings unless they obtain permission.

To join, send a "subscribe" message to efc-talk-request@efc.ca

EFC-ANNOUNCE - occasional announcements
We use this list to send out occasional announcements. Anyone interested in Electronic Frontier Canada can join the list. If you are a member of the media, you should join EFC-MEDIA instead.

To join, send a "subscribe" message to efc-announce-request@efc.ca

EFC-MEDIA - press releases
This list is intended for members of the print, radio, or television media who are interested in receiving occasional Press Releases from Electronic Frontier Canada. If you are not a member of the media, you should join EFC-ANNOUNCE instead.

To join, send a "subscribe" message to efc-media-request@efc.ca or contact efc-lists@efc.ca, and please indicate your media affiliation.

EFC-MEMBERS - announcements for supporting members
This list includes people who have joined EFC as supporting members ( www.efc.ca/join ). We use it to send out occasional member-specific announcements.

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