Electronic Frontier Canada's
Blue Ribbon Campaign

[EFC Blue - Free Speech Online]

Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace

The goal of Electronic Frontier Canada's Blue Ribbon Campaign is to promote freedom of expression in electronic communication media such as the Internet.

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Electronic Frontier Canada and other online civil liberty organizations around the world ask that a Blue Ribbon be worn or displayed to show support for the essential human right of freedom of expression, a fundamental and essential right in any free and democratic society.

This right is protected by law, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (section 2), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 19), and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (article 19).

Nevertheless, legislators and regulators in Canada and around the world are intent on telling you what you and your children will be allowed to access or express in cyberspace. Please help us teach government that such an important decision belongs in your own hands.

The Blue Ribbon is an important way to raise awareness of online censorship and freedom issues, both locally and globally.

How to participate:

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To join Electronic Frontier Canada as a supporting member, just fill out the online version of the EFC Membership Application Form.