Government Organizations

Here is a list of Canadian government organizations providing information through the Internet.
The sites are color coded: w -Web; g -Gopher; f -FTP.


w Federal Government -- includes searchable index to help locate government information online
w Champlain -- Interactively Explore Government information on the Internet.
w House of Commons
w Parliament
w Hansard Reports of Parliamentary debates
w Canad Communications Group -- government publisher
w Senate
w Supreme Court of Canada
g National Library of Canada
w CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
w CRTC - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission
w CSIS - Canadian Security Intelligence Service
w CSE - Communications Security Establishment
w Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
w Environment Canada
w Dept of Finance
w Dept of Health and Welfare
w Heritage Canada
w Human Resources Development
w Dept of Indian and Norther Affairs
w Industry Canada
w IHAC - Industry Canada's Information Highway Advisory Council
w Intellectual Property Office
w Dept of National Defence -- Armed Forces
w Dept of Mortgage and Housing Corp
w Dept of Natural Resources
w Access to Information Commissioner
w Privacy Commissioner
g Revenue Canada - Customs, Excise, Taxation
w Royal Canadian Mint
w Royal Canadian Mounted Police
w Solicitor General of Canada
w Statistics Canada
w Transport Canada
w Veterans Affairs Canada

Provincial and Territorial

w British Columbia
w Alberta
w Saskatchewan
w Manitoba
w Ontario
w Quebec
w New Brunswick
w Nova Scotia
w Newfoundland
w Prince Edward Island
w Yukon Territory
w Northwest Territories


w Kitchener, ON
w Toronto, ON
w Metropolitan Toronto Area, ON

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