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December 2000

Teen arrested for 'fictional' bombing tale
National Post, 13dec00, (Don Campbell, Richard Starnes)

July 2000

E-tailer shakeout punctures privacy
Globe & Mail, 20jul00, (Barrie McKenna)
Tiny tracking devices create new market
Toronto Star, 08jul00, (Susan Pigg)

April 2000

Police database not 10-4
Hamilton Spectator, 13apr00, (Nick Lewis)
You've got mail, but who else reads it?
National Post, 07apr00, (Sandra Rubin)

March 2000

CyberPatrol Hackers Lose Round
Wired News, 17mar00, (Declan McCullagh)
Mattel sues Victoria man for cracking screening software
National Post, 17mar00, (Drew Hasselback)
Mattel Sues Over Blocking Hack
Wired News, 16mar00, (Declan McCullagh)
Net brings new wave of voters
Hamilton Spectator, 03mar00, (Marc McNeil)

February 2000

How much do they know?
National Post, 28feb00, (Peter Goodspeed)
On the trail of Mafiaboy
Montreal Mirror, 24feb00, (Philip Preville)
Police say they are powerless to halt seed sales on Web
National Post, 23feb00, (Steven Edwards)
Professor replies to Kubassek
Cambridge Reporter, 23feb00, (Jeffrey Shallit)
A tempest in an http-pot
Globe & Mail, 19feb00, (Spider Robertson)
Privacy questions emerge over Net provider's data
National Post, 18feb00, (David Akin)
Hackers compromise federal computers
Globe & Mail, 18feb00, (Barrie McKenna)
Kubassek protest attacks Internet porn
Cambridge Reporter, 17feb00, (Erika Kubassek)
Alberta university computer suspected
Toronto Star, 17feb00, (Chris Nuttall-Smith)
Is a little privacy too much to ask?
Hamilton Spectator, 17feb00, (Denise Davy)
Experts doubt claims by Canadian hacker
Toronto Star, 16feb00, (Chris Nuttall-Smith and Dana Flavelle)
Crown drops case against Klatt
Oliver Chronicle, 16feb00, (Kathleen Wilson)
Klatt's web site clean
Penticton Herald, 10feb00, (Maurice Smith)
FBI joins hunt for Web saboteurs
Ottawa Citizen, 10feb00, (Ian Brodie)

January 2000

Supreme Court task: thought control or saving children?
National Post, 19jan00, (Janice Tibbetts)
How to make the laudable proper
National Post, 19jan00, (Christie Blatchford)
Child-porn case spurs intense arguments
Globe & Mail, 19jan00, (Kirk Makin)
Y2K bug disaster turned out NOT2B
Hamilton Spectator, 04jan00, (Mark McNeil)

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