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March 2001

FBI software can take bite out of Canadians' privacy
Toronto Star, 25mar01, (Tyler Hamilton)
The parent trap
Globe & Mail, 17mar01, (Kim Honey)
Child pornography, etc.
Globe & Mail, 16mar01, (Editorial)
Porn law excessive
Toronto Star, 16mar01, (Editorial)
Law will target pedophiles who lure via Internet
National Post, 15mar01, (Tim Naumetz)
Child porn viewers on Net may be charged
Toronto Star, 15mar01, (Tonda MacCharles)
Free speech, liberty, pornography
New Scientist, 10mar01, (Kurt Kleiner)
Snooping on the Sick
Globe & Mail, 06mar01, (Sonu Gaind)

February 2001

Snooping Web tool walks fine line between 'power' and 'privacy infringement'
Canada Computes, 28feb01, (Stefan Dubowski)
Casinos face ruling
Hamilton Spectator, 27feb01, (Joan Walters)
Napster alternative: hack people's hard drives
The Register, 26feb01, (Kevin Poulsen) Napster alternative: hack people's hard drives
Napster news roundup: perspectives on the Internet's most popular bad boy
Ottawa Citizen, 19feb01, (Stefan Dubowski)
Napster-like Internet tools worry CSIS
Ottawa Citizen, 14feb01, (Jim Bronskill)
Card is tracking you
Hamilton Spectator, 02feb01, (Joan Walters)

January 2001

Top court to rule on child porn
Globe & Mail, 23jan01, (Kirk Makin and Robert Matas)
After a month in custody, boy sent home until trial
Globe & Mail, 20jan01, (Destanislao Oziewicz)
Teachers rebuke arts groups, media over jailed teen
Globe & Mail, 20jan01, (Destanislao Oziewicz)
Computer hacker known as Mafiaboy enters guilty plea on 56 charges
Montreal Gazette, 19jan01, (Conway Daly)
How much encryption do we need?
Christian Science Monitor, 18jan01, (Ruth Walker)
Hidden Ears
NOW Magazine, 18jan01, (Alex roslin)
Gaming boss says we didn't need to know about spying
Hamilton Spectator, 17jan01, (Joan Walters)
Smile when you bet, your privacy is gone
Hamilton Spectator, 17jan01, (Robert Howard)
Ontario Smart Cards may lead to Surveillance Society
Naked News, 16jan01, (Carmen Russo)
OPP uses secret cameras in casinos
Toronto Star, 16jan01, (Joan Walters)
Smart card chills privacy experts
Toronto Star, 15jan01, (Theresa Boyle)
Big Brother card idea costs province big bucks
Hamilton Spectator, 15jan01, (Joan Walters)
Tories back off fingerprint plan
Toronto Star, 10jan01, (Theresa Boyle)
Medical files should be owned only by patients
Toronto Star, 09jan01, (Thomas Walkom)
Ontario considering retinal, fingerprint I.D. cards
Hamilton Spectator, 09jan01
Teen jailed for writing 'fictional' revenge story
CTV News, 08jan01

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