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Monday, January 8, 2001

Teen jailed for writing 'fictional' revenge story

A 16-year-old Ontario teen is behind bars for writing a story for his Grade 11 drama class about a boy who plans to take revenge on bullies who torment him.

Students at his school suggested that the teen had a hit list and bombs and alerted school authorities. The teen was arrested at his house a month ago but when police searched his home, they found nothing suggesting a revenge plan besides the school paper.

The teen was charged with uttering death threats. He is still in jail waiting for a bail hearing, after four others were postponed over the Christmas holidays.

The boy's lawyer, Frank Horn, says the story, entitled "Twisted", was his client's way of pleading with bullies to stop their cruelty.

The teen's parents say their son is creative and a fan of Stephen King books. But they also say he has been scarred by several years of verbal and physical abuse by fellow students. The parents says the week before their son wrote the story, he was attacked at school by a gang of 11 youths.

Horn says jailing the boy brings up serious civil liberties issues and sets the precedent that any author can be jailed for simply writing about violence.

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