The Edmonton Journal
Wednesday, August 20, 1997

WEM sues Internet business for $150,000 over porn site

by Jac MacDonald

EDMONTON -- West Edmonton Mall is suing three Calgary men and an Internet business, alleging they posted pornographic images on a Web site similar to one used by the mall.

In a statement of claim filed with Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench, West Edmonton Mall says it is seeking more than $150,000 in damages.

The mall is also seeking an injunction from using the Web site address "". The mall's web site address is "".

The mall says it advised Calgary businessman Stuart Martin and his company, Infosource Canada, that the use of the address was a violation of the mall's trademark rights. John Davies, Chris Hooymans, and Websight West are also named in the lawsuit.

The mall refused Martin's offer to sell the Web site address for $3,8000, it said in the statement of claim.

Martin has yet to file a statement of defence, but he plans to do so, he said Tuesday.

Naked images of people were never posted, but the site did feature devices designed for sexual purposes, as well as love potions and other products sold in sexual aid shops, Martin said.

Sexual products are no longer featured on the site, and Marting said he is willing to sell the site to the mall for the money he invested in it.

Martin said he originally registered the site address not knowing about West Edmonton Mall's plans to launch their own site, and with the idea of selling space to stores located at the mall.

Davies and Hooymans are not involved in the matter, nor is Websight West, Martin said.

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