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December 1999

Chilling debit-card scam uncovered
Globe & Mail, 10dec99, (Timothy Appleby)

November 1999

October 1999

September 1999

August 1999

How to steal millions in chump change
Scientific American, 01aug99, (Paul Wallich)

July 1999

Man sentenced for child porn distribution
Globe & Mail, 23jul99
Information czar rebukes Liberals for 'crisis of delay'
National Post, 22jul99, (Robert Fife)
Security breach teaches firm an online lesson
Toronto Star, 21jul99, (Ellen Roseman)
Police probe cyberspace in hunt for hate groups
Globe & Mail, 20jul99, (Timothy Appleby)
Child pornography seized
National Post, 08jul99
Internet police work leads to arrest in porn case
CBC News, 08jul99
Manitoba to ignore B.C. porn ruling
Vancouver Sun, 07jul99, (Scott Edmonds)
Sex guide taken off Quebec-backed Web site
Vancouver Province, 06jul99, (Michel Hebert)
Child porn: not a simple issue
Montreal Gazette, 06jul99, (Elizabeth Bromstein)
Child pornography still against the law in Alberta
Edmonton Journal, 06jul99, (Graham Thomson)
B.C. court is just an unpopular messenger
National Post, 05jul99, (Jonathan Kay)
Attacking child porn
Montreal Gazette, 05jul99, (Editorial)
No licence for child pornography
Toronto Star, 04jul99, (Editorial)
This child pornography law won't help children
Toronto Star, 04jul99, (Richard Gwyn)
Ottawa cautious about B.C. porn ruling
Toronto Star, 03jul99, (Edison Stewart)
Clear the air on child porn
Hamilton Spectator, 03jul99, (Editorial)
The child pornography law is an ass
Halifax Daily News, 02jul99, (Stephen Kimber)
Evil must be stopped
Winnipeg Sun, 02jul99, (Editorial)
Fix the porn law
Toronto Sun, 02jul99, (Editorial)
Pornography ruling leaves sour taste
National Post, 02jul99, (Warren Kinsella)
Making Canada safe for child porn (again)
National Post, 02jul99, (Editorial)
The court is simply wrong
National Post, 02jul99, (Letters)
Kiddie-porn law headed to top court
Globe & Mail, 01jul99, (Jane Armstrong)
Judges draw on absurd examples
National Post, 01jul99, (Mark Hume)
B.C. police, Crown to pursue child pornographers despite ruling
Vancouver Province, 01jul99, (Ian Bailey)
Porn charges on hold
Vancouver Province, 01jul99, (Andy Ivens and Keith Fraser))

June 1999

Province appeals child porn case to Supreme Court
Canadian Press, 30jun99, (Ian Bailey)
Set the clock on criminal charges
National Post, 29jun99, (Edward Greenspan)
AOL quiets cell phone posts
c|net News, 25jun99, (Paul Festa)
Private lives laid bare on Net
Wired News, 25jun99, (James Glave)
Cell-phone calls streamed on Net
Wired News, 24jun99, (Chris Oakes)
Canadian furor over Net filters
Wired News, 24jun99, (Jennifer Ditchburn)
Halifax uses humiliation to collect outstanding fines
National Post, 24jun99, (Jonathon Gatehouse)
Bureaucrats denied access to porn, hate sites
National Post, 23jun99, (Michael Lewis)
Atheists will join Darwin and Svend Robinson in hell
Cambridge Reporter, 23jun99, (Erika Kubassek)
Canada fails E-commerce test
Globe & Mail, 15jun99, (Eric Reguly)
E-mail hoax travels the continent
Halifax Herald, 13jun99, (Kelly Shiers)
Ms. Beaudoin surfs the Net
Montreal Gazette, 09jun99
English Only? Non!
Wired News, 08jun99, (Matthew Friedman)
Snared in the language Web
Montreal Gazette, 05jun99, (Amanda Jelowicki)
ACM criticizes proposed adjudication rules for Domain Name disputes
Communications of the ACM (Supplement), 01jun99

May 1999

Canada a key snooper in huge spy network
Ottawa Citizen, 24may99, (Jim Bronskill)
Brave new world at CRTC
Toronto Star, 19may99, (Valerie Lawton)
Internet is regulated enough, CRTC says
Globe & Mail, 18may99, (Simon Tuck)
Regulation left to laws, industry, and filters
Globe & Mail, 18may99, (Tyler Hamilton)
Watchdog keeps hands off content on Internet
Toronto Star, 18may99, (Valerie Lawton)
A sea change in cultural policy
Toronto Star, 18may99, (Robert Cribb)
CRTC says it won't try to regulate the Internet
National Post, 18may99, (Ian Jack)
Top 10 reasons surfers should thank the CRTC
National Post, 18may99, (David Jones)
Forget new media, let's liberate the old
National Post, 18may99, (Terence Corcoran)
Canada won't regulate Net
Wired News, 17may99, (Pierre Bourque)
CRTC says it won't try to regulate the Internet
National Post, 17may99, (CP)
Ottawa to push through privacy bill
National Post, 17may99, (David Akin)
CRTC expected to keep hands off Internet
Globe & Mail, 17may99, (Simon Tuck)
Canada called 'hacker haven' for criminals
Globe & Mail, 17may99, (Jen Ross)
CRTC's study of new media made waves from the start
Ottawa Citizen, 16may99, (Jennifer Ditchburn)

April 1999

Child porn law goes too far, court is told
Vancouver Province, 27apr99, (Andy Ivens)
Appeal in porn acquittal faces judicial inquisition
Vancouver Sun, 27apr99, (Chad Skelton)
Child porn will flourish without law, police warn
National Post, 27apr99, (Mark Hume)
Attitudes toward child porn could change, B.C. judge says
Globe & Mail, 27apr99, (Robert Matas)
Kiddie porn law should stand, crown tells court
Toronto Star, 27apr99, (Ian Bailey)
Crown argues porn law should be upheld
CBC Radio News, 27apr99
Privacy Pleas
Salon Magazine, 26apr99, (Mike Godwin)
Ottawa's Satellite War
National Post, 24apr99, (George Bragues)
A Pornographic Paradox
Ottawa Citizen, 24apr99, (Glen McGregor)
Why Kids Kill
Slashdot, 23apr99, (Jon Katz)
Ottawa's privacy protection spells business obstruction
National Post, 22apr99, (Richard C. Owens)
Crown drops kidnap charge in Internet abduction case
Chronicle-Herald, 21apr99, (Brian Hayes)
Internet Rumour: Canada Post Sets the Record Straight
Canada Post, 21apr99, (Press Release)
Cyberspace tax e-mail is nothing but a hoax
Toronto Sun, 21apr99, (Ian Harvey)
School's Internet project too successful
Chronicle-Herald, 20apr99, (Bill Power)
Canada Aligns with EU on Privacy
Wired News, 20apr99, (Matt Friedman)
E-mail hoax is truly taxing
Toronto Sun, 20apr99, (Gary Dunford)
Postes Canada a l'intention de « facturer » les utilisateurs du courriel !
Le Journal de Montéal, 20apr99, (Yvon Laprade)
Librarian Seeks Evidence of Complaints about Internet Misuse
New York Times, 20apr99, (Pamela Mendels)
U.S. move threatens Canadian defence industry
National Post, 17apr99, (Peter Morton)
Ottawa defends child-porn law
Globe & Mail, 15apr99, (Erin Anderssen)
Protecting children outweighs benefits of porn possession, Ottawa argues
National Post, 15apr99, (Janice Tibbets)
Child pornography, abuse linked, appeal argues
Toronto Star, 15apr99, (Tonda MacCharles)
Lax border laws `court disaster', critics warn
Toronto Star, 15apr99, (Kathleen Kenna)
Privacy advocates claim laws too loose
National Post, 15apr99, (David Akin)
Mac exams go ahead on schedule
Hamilton Spectator, 14apr99
Quebec plans ID database of all citizens
National Post, 14apr99, (Campbell Clark)

March 1999

Bernardo author refuses to reveal sources
CBC Newsworld, 30mar99
Return to Sender: E-Mail Fee is a Hoax
Halifax Chronicle-Herald, 28mar99, (Kelly Shiers)
Tech cops on the trail of savvy criminals
Calgary Herald, 27mar99, (Matthew McClearn)
Man Caught Masturbating Wins Appeal
Reuters, 26mar99
Net addresses stir debate
Toronto Star, 25mar99, (Robert Cribb)
Parents network to regain control of what their kids see on the Internet
Edmonton Journal, 25mar99, (Laura Severs)
Use Net to fight hatred, police urged
Toronto Star, 24mar99, (Tanya Ho)
Turning predators into prey
Telegraph Journal, 23mar99, (Mike Tenszen)
Critics say privacy software may lure users to divulge more personal data
Associated Press, 23mar99, (David E. Kalish)
Internet can target women, forum told
Toronto Star, 22mar99, (Tanya Ho)
Providers must ban hate on Internet, activists say
Toronto Star, 21mar99, (Tanya Ho)
CN accused of spying on workers
National Post, 19mar99, (Peter Fitzpatrick)
Privacy bill called excessive
Toronto Star, 19mar99, (William Walker)
Internet provider targets bulk e-mailer with court action
Canadian Press, 15mar99
Porn doesn't belong on the Net
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 13mar99, (Marie Snyder)
Internet deserves protection from governmental intrusion
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 13mar99, (Jeffrey Shallit)
Child porn linked to Winnipeg sex-for-drugs case
Calgary Sun, 10mar99
Kiddie-porn trafficker -- or crusading undercover reporter?
Salon Magazine, 11mar99, (Susan Lehman)
Intel admits PII serial snafu
ZDNet News, 10mar99, (Robert Lemos)
Libraries block Internet porn sites
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 08mar99,
Journalist Sentenced for Child Porn
Associated Press, 08mar99, (James Franklin)
Microsoft admits Windows privacy flaw
Reuters, 07mar99
Microsoft to Alter Software in Response to Privacy Concerns
New York Times, 07mar99, (John Markoff)
Journalist faces sentencing on child porn charges
Nando Times, 05mar99, (James Franklin)
Privacy czar raps absence of on-line protection
Globe & Mail, 04mar99, (Tyler Hamilton)
Private no more: High-tech snooping intensifies into employees' e-mail
Associated Press, 03mar99, (David E. Kalish)
Keeping a close eye on Big Brother
Technology in Government, 01mar99, (Kady O'Malley)
To filter or not to filter?
Quill & Quire, 01mar99, (Derek Weiler)

February 1999

Caught on the Net: spying gets easier
Globe & Mail, 27feb99, (Julian Sher)
School punishes boy for racist Web site
Halifax Chronicle-Herald, 27feb99, (CP)
JAG Web site rankles board of trade
Halifax Chronicle-Herald, 27feb99, (Tera Camus)
Bank-card case a whodunit
Toronto Star, 26feb99, (Dana Flavelle)
What price privacy?
Canadian Business Magazine, 26feb99, (Anita Lahey)
Cyber-smut kids spook librarians
Toronto Sun, 26feb99, (Tom Godfrey)
2nd kiddie porn case tossed out
Canadian Press, 26feb99
Porn fans chase librarian
Toronto Sun, 25feb99, (Tom Godfrey)
Canadian satellite poses terrorist risk: CSIS report
National Post, 22feb99, (Stewart Bell)
Unions blast fingerprinting of teachers
London Free Press, 22feb99, (Hank Daniszewksi)
Digital revolution stirs debate on cryptographic technology
Hill Times, 22feb99, (Richard Madan)
MP3 news moving fast and furious
Toronto Star, 18feb99, (Robert Wright)
Virginia Law Could Hamper Educators at State Schools
New York Times, 17feb99, (Pamela Mendels)
A Canadian Watchdog for the Net?
Freedom to Read Week, 14feb99, (Book and Periodical Council)
What's behind Intel's controversial chip?
Toronto Star, 11feb99, (Myles White)
Zero-Knowledge guarantees anonymity for browser users
InfoWorld Electric, 09feb99, (Ephraim)
Free computer to right home
Toronto Star, 09feb99, (Robert Cribb)
Copyright chill grows on Internet
Toronto Star, 09feb99, (Robert Wright)
Lolita too hot for some Reform MPs
Ottawa Citizen, 03feb99, (Glen McGregor)
York U receives kudos in high-tech arrest
Technology in Government, 01feb99, (Shaun Markey)

January 1999

How law against possession aids police
Ottawa Citizen, 26jan99, (Derek McNaughton)
Woman arrested in 'Net rape
Toronto Sun, 23jan99, (Ian Robertson)
Air Miles breach not unique
Toronto Star, 23jan99, (Robert Cribb)
AirMiles: Collector Database secure
Canadian Newswire, 22jan99, (Press Release)
Personal data of Air Miles users available on Web
National Post, 22jan99, (David Akin)
Judge in child porn case receives threat
Canaidan Press, 22jan99, (Ian Bailey)
B.C. ruling 'ties hands' of police in fight against child pornography
Ottawa Citizen, 21jan99, (Derek McNaughton)
Child porn judge considered student of the law
Canadian Press, 21jan99, (Ian Bailey)
Child-Porn Ruling Splits Canada
Wired News, 19jan99, (Pierre Bourque)
Pédophilie: décision étonnante d'un juge canadien
Chroniques de Cyberie, 18jan99, (Jean-Pierre Cloutier)
B.C to appeal child pornography decision
Canadian Press, 18jan99, (Ian Bailey)
UNESCO sponsoring conference on pedophilia on the Internet
Associated Press, 18jan99, (Marilyn August)
Porn ruling angers experts
Ottawa Citizen, 17jan99, (Charles Enman)
Child-porn law is struck down by B.C. judge
Globe & Mail, 16jan99, (Jane Armstrong)
Top B.C. court strikes down child-porn law
National Post, 16jan99, (Francine Dube)
Judge rules it shouldn't be a crime to possess child pornography
Canadian Press, 15jan99, (Ian Bailey)
Free Rants
National Post, 15jan99, (Letters to the Editor)
Sorry, your ideas will have to satisfy the commission
Globe & Mail, 11jan99, (Anthony Keller)
Patrolling for Hate on the Net
Maclean's Magazine, 11jan99, (Robert Sheppard)
Freedom Number One
National Post, 07jan99, (Editorial)
Certain freedoms deserve no protection
National Post, 07jan99, (Warren Kinsella)
Can we talk?
National Post, 04jan99, (Editorial)
CRTC eyes Internet regulation
Nothern Ontario Business, 01jan99, ( John Milne)

December 1998

Caught in the act of fraud
McMaster Silhouette, 03dec98, (Anna Zavodni)
U.S. claims victory on global encryption exports
Reuters, 03dec98

November 1998

Crimes Canada Loves to Hate
Wired News, 30nov98, (Matt Friedman)
The petty politics of New Media
National Post, 28nov98, (Pierre Bourque)
Crackdown on hate materials planned
National Post, 25nov98, (Jim Bronskill)
ISP moves to block child porn prosecution
c|net News, 25nov98, (Paul Festa)
AOL to Canada: Hands off the Net
Wired News, 24nov98, (Pierre Bourque)
An Anne Murray Extravaganza
Wired News, 23nov98, (Pierre Bourque)
Computer sweep of Dofasco Inc. leads to worker suspensions
The Hamilton Spectator, 21nov98,
Library software filters out porn images
Burlington News, 18nov98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
Got a dime? Citibank and Chase end test of electronic cash
New York Times, 04nov98, (Saul Hansell)
Students Wonder: How Smart?
Wired News, 02nov98, (Marlene Blanshay)
Mondex pulls plug on Guelph pilot project
Globe & Mail, 01nov98, (Susanne Craig and Richard Blackwell)
Old-fashioned cash outsmarts smart card
National Post, 01nov98, (David Akin)
Human rights that rest upon the law
National Post, 01nov98, (Editorial)

October 1998

Ontario considering smart cards
National Post, 30oct98, (David Akin)
Getting to know all about you
Globe & Mail, 29oct98, (Tyler Hamilton)
Teen hacker pleads guilty to hacking into U.S. military
Hamilton Spectator, 24oct98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
Transcript: David Colville Chat (re: CRTC regulating the Net)
Canoe, 16oct98
Is the CRTC really a Net threat?
Toronto Sun, 14oct98, (Ian Harvey)
Tucker-ed Out
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 09oct98, (Curtis Gloade)
To break the unbreakable code
Globe & Mail, 08oct98, (Tyler Hamilton)
Ottawa's encryption policy wins plaudits all round
Financial Post, 02oct98, (Jill Vardy)
E-comm policy allows free rein
Ottawa Citizen, 02oct98, (James Baxter)
Government table privacy legislation, encryption policy
Canadian Press, 01oct98, (Jennifer Ditchburn)
Canada weights in on crypto
c|net News, 01oct98, (Janet Kornblum)
Canada Frees Up Crypto
Wired News, 01oct98, (Matt Friedman)
Legislating Online Morality
eye weekly, 01oct98, (Ingrid Hein)

September 1998

Secretive by design
Maclean's Magazine, 21sep98, (Warren Caragata)
Protect Consumers: MacKay
Toronto Star, 16sep98, (Jennifer Ditchburn)
British Police Attempt To Sidestep E-mail Protection
Newsbytes, 16sep98, (Steve Gold)
Feds Relax Encryption Rules
Wired News, 16sep98, (Niall McKay, James Glave)
U.S. Relaxes Exports Limits on Encryption
Reuters, 16sep98, (Aaron Pressman)
Adminstration Announces New Concessions on Encryption Policy
New York Times, 16sep98, (Jeri Clausing)
The Arrest of the Nutly Bomber (Part 3)
Netly News, 16sep98, (Declan McClullagh)
Single bestselling book never published
Ottawa Sun, 16sep98, (Stuart McCarthy)
Crypto Groups Challenge Arms-Control Treaty
TechWeb, 15sep98, (John Borland)
Schools should guard kids from online harm
Ottawa Sun, 11sep98, (Rob Hall)
The CRTC can't regulate the net
eye weekly, 10sep98, (Ingrid Hein)
The Arrest of the Nutly Bomber (Part 2)
Netly News, 10sep98, (Declan McClullagh)
The Arrest of the Nutly Bomber (Part 1)
Netly News, 09sep98, (Declan McClullagh)
Encryption Expert Says U.S. Laws Led to Renouncing of Citizenship
New York Times, 06sep98, (Peter Wayner)
Legislation needed to protect privacy of medical records: report
Canadian Press, 03sep98, (Dennis Bueckert)
Burlington man, 23, is charged adter child pornography found
Burlington News, 03sep98
Competition shield leads to mediocrity
Financial Post, 03sep98, (Fazil Mihlar)
They've got to be kidding: The CRTC's plan to regulate the Internet is no joke
Toronto Sun, 02sep98, (Ian Harvey)
CB trucker heard but not obscene
Hamilton Spectator, 01sep98, (Martin O'Hanlon)

August 1998

The Next Crypto Poster Boy?
Wired News, 26aug98, (Chris Oakes)
Porn charges dropped, but clerk's life 'ruined'
Hamilton Spectator, 25aug98
An Irresistible Compulsion
Alberta Report, 24aug98, (Robin Brunet)
Philip Services running out of credit
Globe & Mail, 20aug98, (Janet Mcfarland)
Filtering Out The Filters
Wired News, 19aug98, (Chris Oakes)
Teen cracks Netscape filter
c|net News, 18aug98, (Paul Festa)
Online eavesdropping a real possibility
Hill Times, 17aug98, (Pierre Bourque)
Censoring Net would sap its vitality
Toronto Star, 15aug98, (Carol Goar)
Armed & Dangerous - Police compare cyberspace to the Wild West
Hamilton Spectator, 14aug98, (Susan Clairmont)
Regulating the Internet
Montreal Gazette, 10aug98, (Editorial)
Should Canda Regulate the Net?
Wired News, 07aug98, (Arik Hesseldahl)
CRTC goes on-line, finds work
Globe & Mail, 06aug98, (Editorial)
CRTC should drop Net-regulation process
Montreal Gazette, 05aug98, (Matthew Friedman)
The CRTC wants to watch the Net
Halifax Daily News, 05aug98, (Parker Barss Donham)
Truth or consequences
Toronto Sun, 05aug98, (Ian Harvey)
Encryption plan targets export restriction
TechWeb, 03aug98, (Brett Mendel)
CRTC asks if it should regulate Internet
Globe & Mail, 01aug98, (Robert Brehl)

July 1998

Encryption Resolution May Be Sector By Sector
TechWeb, 29jul98, (Mary Mosquera)
Privacy in a computer age
Montreal Gazette, 28jul98, (Editorial)
Society not giving teens the 'right message'
Edmonton Journal, 26jul98, (Lorne Gunter)
It should be legit to computer encrypt
The Globe & Mail, 25jul98, (Editorial)
PSINet fights for 'anonymity'
Ottawa Sun, 24jul98, (Rob Hall)
Privacy czar backs use of encryption software
Globe & Mail, 23jul98, (Jeff Sallot)
Plastic, not chips - Mondex not popular in trials
Forbes Magazine, 20jul98, (Sam Sternberg)
Digital Epitaph - Will Mondex survive?
Forbes Magazine, 20jul98, (Sam Sternberg)
Chip cards plus - Cities adopting smart cards
Forbes Magazine, 20jul98, (Sam Sternberg)
FBI Sweet on Crypto Proposal
Wired News, 19jul98, (James Glave)
Stopping crime on the Internet
Ottawa Sun, 17jul98, (Rob Hall)
U.S. Data-Scrambling Code Cracked With Homemade Equipment
New York Times, 17jul98, (John Markoff)
Code-breakers crack government-approved encryption standard
Associated Press, 17jul98
Fed Encryption Standard Exposed
Wired News, 17jul98
Group cracks crypto standard
c|net News, 17jul98, (Randy Weston)
Philip to make defamation case public
Hamilton Spectator, 17jul98, (David Akin)
New twist in pseudonym hunt
Hamilton Spectator, 17jul98, (David Akin)
Porn Prevention
The Toronto Star, 16jul98, (kkc@competitor.net)
Sex con registry may be put on Net
Canadian Press, 16jul98, (Tom Blackwell)
Net providers' privacy dilemma
Hamilton Spectator, 15jul98, (David Akin)
Cisco Backs Backdoor for Internet Wiretaps
Netly News, 14jul98, (Declan McCullagh)
Canadian Ruling Unmasks a Company's Internet Critics
New York Times, 14jul98, (Amy Harmon)
ISP told to divulge users' identities
Newslinx, 14jul98, (Rachel Chalmers)
Philip takes aim at critics
Hamilton Spectator, 14jul98, (David Akin)
Un tribunal Canadien force l'identification d'utilisateurs
Chroniques de Cybérie, 14jul98, (Jean-Pierre Cloutier)
Website creator decries his critics
Sudbury Star, 14jul98, (Terry Pender)
Anti-hate groups police the Internet
Canadian Press, 13jul98, (Hollie Shaw)
J'accuser beware
Globe & Mail, 13jul98, (Editorial)
New Encryption Export Guidelines
TechWeb, 13jul98, (Rutrell Yasin)
Company wins right to know identity of cyber critics
Toronto Star, 11jul98, (Robert Cribb)
Internet providers on defensive after Philip ruling
Financial Post, 11jul98, (Keith Damsell)
Philip suing dozens
Hamilton Spectator, 11jul98, (David Akin)
Philip vs. the John Does
Hamilton Spectator, 11jul98, (David Akin)
Cyberspace critics take aim at Philip
Hamilton Spectator, 11jul98, (David Akin)
Yahoo Yanks Investor Gossip
Wired News, 10jul98, (Christine Whalen)
Philip forces Net disclosure
Hamilton Spectator, 10jul98, (Adrian Humphreys and Mike Pettapiece)
Gallagher ready to take on Philip in cyber fight
Hamilton Spectator, 10jul98, (Adrian Humphreys)
Philip wins court orders to get names
Globe & Mail, 10jul98, (Janey Mcfarland)
Philip pierces Net secrecy
Financial Post, 10jul98, (Sandra Rubin)
Court Orders ISPs To Identify Subscribers
TechWeb, 10jul98, (John Borland)
Internet providers shut down controversial websites
Sudbury Star, 10jul98, (Terry Pender)
Internet filters are necessary
Hamilton Spectator, 09jul98, (Editorial)
Website draws ire of anti-hate group
Sudbury Star, 08jul98, (Terry Pender)
Privacy Commissioner grilled on personal life
Globe & Mail, 07jul98, (Wendy McCann)

June 1998

Security Flaw Found, Fixed
Wired News, 26jun98, (James Glave)
Net Nanny offers more site safety
Vancouver Sun, 22jun98, (Gillian Shaw)
Code Breaker Cracks Smart Cards' Digital Safe
New York Times, 22jun98, (Peter Wayner)
Mondex claims are meritless, says cryptographer
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 22jun98, (Russell Brown)
Online Back Up
Hamilton Spectator, 19jun98, (David Akin)
Press council upholds complaint against Globe
Globe & Mail, 17jun98
Fingerprint law supported
Globe & Mail, 17jun98
Wiretapping Raises Fears
Toronto Star, 17jun98
Holocaust Law Sought
Toronto Star, 17jun98
Air Miles take off with consumers
Toronto Star, 17jun98, (John Deverell)
Government by muzzle on the Hill
Maclean's Magazine, 15jun98, (Allan Fotheringham)
Library compromises child's rights
Burlington News, 13jun98, (Leigh Morrison)
Internet exposure is a worry
Burlington News, 13jun98, (Arie J. Hordyk, Burlington)
Let CRTC fight 'net porn: MP
Toronto Sun, 12jun98, (Sean Durkan)
Gates Outline [Crypto] Case to Reno
New York Times, 11jun98, (Jeri Clausing)
2 charged in Net theft
Montreal Gazette, 11jun98
Cryptographers Discuss Finding of Security Flaw in 'Smart Cards'
New York Times, 10jun98, (Peter Wayner)
Encryption Debate Heats Up in Washington
New York Times, 09jun98, (Jeri Clausing)
Three accused of posting bomb recipes on Internet
Montreal Gazette, 09jun98
Police want ready access to e-mail
Hamilton Spectator, 08jun98, (Jim Bronskill)
Crypto Kills -- Really, It Does
Wired News, 08jun98, (James Glave)
Secrets of a teenage hacker
Hamilton Spectator, 06jun98, (David Akin)
Accused Net stalker lived above his target
Halifax Daily News, 04jun98 (Brendan Elliot)
What Makes Kids Kill?
Hotwired, 04jun98, (Jon Katz)
Bedford man caught in Net
Halifax Daily News, 03jun98 (Brendan Elliot)
User beware: E-mail not as private as you think
Ottawa Citizen, 03jun98, (Seymour Diener)
Mondo Mondex
Financial Post Magazine, 01jun98 (David Menzies)

May 1998

City tangled in web of sex
Ottawa Sun, 28may98, (Maria McClintock)
Governments undermine access to information laws
Toronto Star, 25may98, (Rachel Giese)
Library clamps down on Net porn
Burlingont News, 23may98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
Lose the Keys
Ottawa Citizen, 22may98, (Editorial)
Pirates Cash In on Weak Chips
Wired News, 22may98, (James Glave)
New Board lobbied for Net limits
Burlington News, 12may98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
Library upgrades Internet to high speed
Burlington News, 12may98
Court upholds jail term for child porn on Net
Hamilton Spectator, 08may98
Cryptography battle heats up
Montreal Gazette, 06may98, (Matthew Friedman)
Ottawa targets Big Brother
Globe & Mail, 04may98, (Geoffrey Rowan)
When monitoring employees is legal
Toronto Star, 04may98, (Howard Levitt)
Computer bytes CIBC customers
Financial Post, 02may98, (Richard Blackwell)
Service-providers battle Bell over allocation of phone lines
Financial Post, 02may98, (Paul Lima)
Encryption strategy flawed, group says
Toronto Star, 01may98, (K.K. Campbell)
Stamping out Internet hate
Ottawa Sun, 01may98, (Rob Hall)
The World-Wide Wiretap?
Fraser Forum, 01may98, (Mark Weller)

April 1998

Supreme Court rejects Zundel's citizenship appeal
Canadian Press, 30apr98
Rolling the Digital Dice
Toronto Sun, 29apr98, (Ian Harvey)
How the Net killed the MAI
Globe & Mail, 29apr98, (Madelaine Drohan)
Security on the Internet
CBC Radio, 28apr98, (Avril Benoit)
Net Encryption rules challenged
Hamilton Spectator, 28apr98, (David Akin)
Canadian Hate Site Goes Dark
Wired News, 27apr98, (James Glave)
Can your boss spy on your E-mail?
Toronto Star, 27apr98, (Howard Levitt)
Que Internet
c|net News, 27apr98
Quebec says its language laws apply to Internet ads
Associated Press, 27apr98
Racist web site carrier shutting down
Vancouver Province, 26apr98, (Gary Symons)
Industry debates encryption policy
NetworkWorld, 24apr98, (Carol Neshevich)
Crypto free speech case in court
c|net News, 24apr98, (Courtney Macavinta)
Make hate laws tougher, Attorney-General says
Globe & Mail, 24apr98, (Robert Matas and Ross Howard)
Whose E-mail?
Globe & Mail, 24apr98, (Ann Cavoukian)
Encryption issue hoists Ottawa onto a tightrope
Globe & Mail, 22apr98, (Geoffrey Rowan)
Encryption regulation pointless, experts say
c|net News, 20apr98, (Nathan Arnold)
Commerce Chief Calls U.S. Encryption Policy Flawed
New York Times, 16apr98, (Jeri Clausing)
U.S. Report Weighs Impact of E-Commerce
New York Times, 16apr98
In rejecting dismissal of Filtering Case, Judge sets High Standard for Libraries
New York Times, 09apr98, (Jeri Clausing)
Filtering lawsuit going forward
c|net News, 08apr98, (Courtney Macavinta)
Industry asks: What price security?
Ottawa Citizen, 08apr98
Canada mulls liberal encryption exports
Electronic Commerce News, 06apr98, (Charles Flippen)
Canadian police make arrest in NASA computer hacking case
Associated Press, 06apr98
Mounties Get Their Hacker
Wired News, 06apr98
New Code May Foil Prying Police
Science, 03apr98
Net firms must assure privacy
Toronto Star, 03apr98, (Valerie Lawton)
Crypto Canucks: Hands Off Our Keys!
Wired News, 02apr98, (James Glave)
Cryptographers give government clear message
Ottawa Citizen, 01apr98, (James Bagnall)
Canadian IT vendors want no encryption export controls
InfoWorld Electric, 01apr98, (Elinor Mills)
Anti-racism groups push BC Tel to dump FTCnet
Oliver Chronicle, 01apr98, (Kathleen Connolly)
B.C. Tel urged to pull plug on Klatt
Penticton Herald, 01apr98, (Scott Pattison)

March 1998

Clear way for encryption export, Ottawa urged
c|net News, 31mar98, (Nathan Arnold)
BC Tel 'steps removed' from Oliver 'hate' site
Vancouver Province, 31mar98, (Holly Horwood)
BC Tel Pressed to axe hate website
Vancouver Sun, 31mar98, (Lori Culbert)
Cut Klatt's phone, says B'nai Brith
Vancouver Province, 29mar98, (Clare Ogilvie)
BC Tel won't pull Klatt's plug
Globe & Mail, 28mar98, (Ross Howard)
BC Tel urged to pull plug on service used by racists
Vancouver Sun, 28mar98, (Stewart Bell)
Canadian Net Hate Debate Flares
Wired News, 25mar98, (Robert Cribb)
The hate debate rages on
Toronto Sun, 25mar98, (Ian Harvey)
Proposed policy changes causing angst
Computing Canada, 23mar98, (Greg Enright)
Net porn hysteria overhyped, prof says
St. Catharines Standard, 21mar98
Homes with kids more likely to have a computer
Hamilton Spectator, 21mar98, (David Akin)
Christianity hits the web
Burlington News, 20mar98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
Oliver rally called racist front
Vancouver Province, 20mar98, (John Colebourn)
B.C. town cancels licence for 'hate' meeting
CBC Newsworld, 20mar98
Canadian ultra-right gathering sparks controversy
Reuters, 20mar98, (Allan Dowd)
Teenager busted for Internet misdeeds
Hamilton Spectator, 18mar98, (Bill Dunphy)
Cellular phone trail, wiretaps help police catch robbers
Toronto Star, 14mar98, (Donovan Vincent)
CIBC posts client data in E-mail glitch
Globe & Mail, 13mar98, (Stephen Northfield)
Software pirates to face stiff fines
Globe & Mail, 13mar98, (Patrick Brethour)
Mondex expands e-cash system
c|net News, 11mar98, (Heather Camlot)
MLA suggests severe penalty for makers of kiddie porn
Edmonton Journal, 10mar98, (Tom Arnold)
Internet hate-mongering overblown
Edmonton Journal, 09mar98, (Dennis Hryciuk)
Net sex - Internet a powerful marketing tool for some young hookers
Canadian Press, 09mar98
There are solutions to cleaning up the information highway
Hamilton Spectator, 07mar98 (Patricia Upton)
Keeping it secret - Feds try to get a grip on encryption policy
Canadian Press, 05mar98, (Jennifer Ditchburn)
Lock up the children and save your family
c|net News, 02mar98 (Mitchell Brown)
Cracking the codes
Hamilton Spectator, 02mar98 (David Akin)
No-stop border crossing in cards
Toronto Sun, 01mar98 (Tom Godfrey)
No health card can cost you
Toronto Sun, 01mar98 (Vince Versace)

February 1998

Canadian domain changes under way
Ottawa Sun, 27feb98, (Rob Hall)
Pornography has no place on the internet
Hamilton Spectator, 26feb98, (Cheryl Elliott)
The Name Game gets serious
Hamilton Spectator, 23feb98, (David Akin)
Internet can be a homewrecker
Globe and Mail, 23feb98, (Robert Brehl)
Privacy law to pave way for 'smart card'
Hamilton Spectator, 21feb98, (Richard Brennan)
Library looks to schools for Internet fix
Burlington News, 21feb98, (Stephanie Henderson)
Access to child porn overblown
Globe and Mail, 21feb98, (John Haslett Cuff)
Education cuts starting to look suicidal
Toronto Star, 21feb98, (David Crane)
Library unlikely to impose 'Net ban
Burlington News, 19feb98, (Ross Longbottom)
Policing the dark side of the Web
Toronto Sun, 18feb98, (Ian Harvey)
Internet `hate' sites on rise, study finds
Toronto Star, 17feb98, (Peter Krivel)
Hatred rages on Net
Toronto Sun, 17feb98, (Ciaran Ganley)
Billed for Guccis in Paris? Card scams hit Canadians
Globe & Mail, 16feb98, (Susan Bourette)
Software solution may not help Burlington library
Hamilton Spectator, 16feb98, (David Akin)
Price Costco settles over DTH
c|net News, 10feb98
Librarians Discuss Net Censorship
Grazing Grounds, 09feb98, (Brandi Jasmine)
Local satellite dealers facing charges
Burlington Post, 06feb98, (Tim Whitnell)
Satirical site wins one for free speech
c|net News, 04feb98
Who's spreading hatred?
B.C. Report, 02feb98, (Kelly Torrance)
Big Brother's Watching, hearing told
Toronto Sun, 02feb98, (Tim Lougheed)
Free speech and the Internet
University Affairs, 01feb98, (Tim Lougheed)

January 1998

Stern shows up the sham of our censorship laws
Hamilton Spectator, 31jan98, (Andrew Coyne)
Pranksters may face a 'Net' loss
Burlington News, 31jan98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
New software may solve Internet intellectual property problems
c|net News, 30jan98, (Heather Camlot)
Bank changes debit card tune
Toronto Star, 30jan98 (Valerie Lawton)
Voice travels far on Info Highways
Ottawa Sun, 30jan98, (Rob Hall)
Screening the Net
Burlington News, 29jan98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
'Hate' petition to be sent to Attorney General
Oliver Chronicle, 28jan98,
Ottawa to introduce Web privacy law
c|net News, 27jan98, (Heather Camlot)
Oliver council considers litigation
Penticton Herald, 24jan98 (Scott Pattison)
Littman apologizes to town of Oliver for 'hate' comments
South Okanagan Review, 22jan98
Library will hear dad's Internet concerns
Burlington News, 22jan98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
Oliver seeks apology to 'Hate Capital' remark
Osoyoos Times, 21jan98
Oliver wrongly labelled
Osoyoos Times, 21jan98 (Editorial)
Huge jump in debit card fraud
Toronto Star, 20jan98 (James Daw)
Educational browser to bring Web to classrooms
c|net News, 19jan98, (Sam Ladner)
Rules for filtering Web content cause dispute
New York times, 19jan98, (Amy Harmon)
A tool that filters the Web for better or worse
New York times, 19jan98, (Jody Emery)
Let's stop gambling on Supreme Court judges
Toronto Star, 19jan98 (Allan Hutchinson)
Internet access concerns father
Burlington Post, 18jan98, (Paul Mitchison)
Beware of all e-mails, big brother is watching
Financial Post, 17jan98, (Maryanne McNellis)
Judge bans man from Internet in child pornography case
Hamilton Spectator, 17jan98, (Christine Cox)
We need more than one computer net
Hamilton Spectator, 16jan98, (David Parnas)
B.C. urged to shut Internet provider
Globe & Mail, 16jan98, (Ross Howard)
Gag hate site, Victoria urged
Vancouver Sun, 16jan98 (Glenn Bohn)
Mayor upset by hate libel
Vancouver Province, 16jan98 (Jack Keating)
Crackdown on Web hate urged
Toronto Star, 16jan98
B.C. called base for 'Net hate
Vancouver Province, 15jan98 (Jack Keating and Greg Middleton)
Dad furious daughter saw erotica on the Net
Burlington News, 15jan98, (Carmela Fragomeni)
Keeping dark side of the Net at bay
Hamilton Spectator, 15jan98, (Marg Langton)
Phone companies rally against Internet threat
Globe & Mail, 14jan98, (Geoffrey Rowan)
'Data Mining' privacy threat
Toronto Star, 14jan98, (Valerie Lawton)
Plastic bank jobs
Financial Post, 12jan98, (Peter Kuiternbrouwer)
We need high-tech training to thrive
Toronto Star, 11jan98, (David Crane)
Mondex to face smart competition
c|net News, 09jan98, (Sam Ladner)
Warnings along the superhighway
Globe & Mail, 09jan98, (Jack Kapica)
Canadians watch for FCC ruling
c|net News, 08jan98, (Sam Ladner)
Protect us, please
c|net News, 06jan98, (Mitchell Brown)
The gizmo that changed the world
Hamilton Spectator, 06Jan98, (Keay Davidson)
How secure is your cash?
Hamilton Spectator, 05Jan98, (Barbara Brown)
Fighting to control the demons in cyberspace
Financial Post, 03jan98, (Maryanne McNellis)
Pirates in cyberspace
Toronto Sun, 03jan98, (Christina Blizzard)
Roundtable looks at issue of licensing software engineers
Engineering Dimensions, 01jan98, (Connie Mucklestone)

December 1997

Resolutions for Canada's high-tech industry
c|net News, 27dec97, (Sam Ladner)
Top five high-tech stories of '97
c|net News, 27dec97, (Sam Ladner)
On regulating the Internet
Hamilton Spectator, 26dec97, (Editorial)
PSINet to buy iStar for cash-only
c|net News, 24dec97, (Sam Ladner)
Web telephony to bring Net regulation?
c|net News, 23dec97, (Sam Ladner)
Majority wants curbs on Internet
Ottawa Citizen, 22dec97, (Chris Cobb)
Thumbs-up Access
Financial Post, 20dec97, (Christopher Guly)
Cable modems, ADSL speeding Net on ramp
Financial Post, 20dec97, (Geof Wheelwright)
ISPs voice protests
Ottawa Sun, 19dec97, (Rob Hall)
Canadian crypto covets US ruling
c|net News, 19dec97, (Sam Ladner)
Wiesenthal Center compiles list of hate-based web sites
LA Times, 19dec97, (Jennifer Oldham)
Porn traders trapped in own 'Net
Canadian Press, 15dec97, (Cassandra Szklarski)
CAIP stays out of ADSL fight
Ottawa Sun, 12dec97, (Rob Hall)
Aussie banks accept Mondex liability
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 01dec97, (Iain Ferguson)

November 1997

Judge rules search of computer for porn was legal
Hamilton Spectator, 27nov97, (Christine Cox)
Protect private files on computer like you would in a filing cabinet
Hamilton Spectator, 27nov97, (Adrian Humphreys)
Mondex combats concern over e-cash protection
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 24nov97, (Russell Brown)
Mondex marketing may mask the issues
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 24nov97, (Russell Brown)
Québec data-selling scandal widens
Globe & Mail, 21nov97, (Rhéal Séguin)
Shock jock Stern blasted for abusive rants on radio
Hamilton Spectator, 12nov97, (Chris Cobb)
Canada prosecutes German for Holocaust revisionism
StartNet Dispatches, 12nov97, (Angélica Pence)
U.S. Internet firm seeks iStar for $35 million
Toronto Star, 11nov97, (Robert Brehl)
U.S. firm makes low-ball bid for iStar
Ottawa Citizen, 11nov97, (Kristin Goff)
More ISP consolidation expected
Financial Post, 11nov97, (Amanda Lang)
PSINet to buy iStar
c|net Canda, 10nov97, (Sam Ladner)
Cash-card's debut delayed
Toronto Star, 06nov97, (Les Whittington)
Culture, not the law, should muzzle Zundel
Toronto Star, 06nov97, (A. Alan Borovoy)
Regulating the Net
The Convergence, 04nov97, (Darren Leroux)
CRTC not rushing to the Web
c|net News, 03nov97, (Sam Ladner)
DoubleClick targets Canada
The Convergence, 02nov97, (Robert Dutt)

October 1997

How to protect your privacy on the Net
Toronto Star, 23oct97, (Valerie Lawton)
Campus Web site moose to go
Edmonton Journal, 23oct97
Cartoon stirs anger for showing 'moose' shooting feminists
Edmonton Journal, 21oct97 (Make Sadava)
Don't give him the satisfaction
c|net News, 20oct97, (Mitchell Brown)
Banks do little while fraud pumps thousands from accounts
The Convergence, 18oct97, (David Jones)
Bad law goes on line
Globe & Mail, 17oct97, (Editorial)
Police probe credit card scam
Hamilton Spectator, 16oct97, (Barbara Brown)
Zundel's Internet site exposes Jews to hatred, human rights tribunal told
Toronto Star, 15oct97, (Wendy Darroch)
Hearing begins into `Zundelsite'
Globe & Mail, 15oct97, (Vivian Bercovici)
Winning decision for democracy
Montreal Gazette, 10oct97, (Editorial)
A bad rule bites the dust
Montreal Gazette, 10oct97, (William Johnston)
La Cour suprême invalide un chapitre important de la loi référendaire
Le Devoir, 10oct97, (Manon Cornellier)
Supreme Court strikes blow to Quebec referendum law
Ottawa Citizen, 10oct97, (Jack Aubry)
Supreme Court judgement puts Parti Québécois in a bind
Financial Post, 10oct97, (William Johnson)
Referendum law ruling hailed as `great victory for democracy'
Toronto Star, 10oct97, (Sandro Contenta)
Bouchard denounces high court judgement
Toronto Star, 10oct97, (Robert McKenzie)
Debit-card scam hits small firm
Toronto Star, 09oct97, (Robert Brehl)
Banks issue cash-card pledge
Toronto Star, 09oct97, (Robert Brehl)
Supreme Court strikes down portion of Quebec referendum law
Canadian Press, 09oct97
Child pornography conviction may mean more trouble for Labrador psychologist
Evening Telegram, 09oct97, (Gary Hebbard)
Quebec breaking own privacy rules: watchdog
Montreal Gazette, 08oct97, (Campbell Clark)
CRTC tells Bell to pay bills run up by hackers
Toronto Star, 08oct97, (Robert Brehl)
House arrest for importing child porn
Canadian Press, 07oct97
Group upset with sentence in Internet porn case
Canadian Press, 07oct97
Visa flies in experts to push chip cards
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 06oct97, (Russell Brown)
Security of `cash cards' questioned
Toronto Star, 06oct97, (Robert Brehl)
Wiretapping probe urged
Toronto Star, 06oct97
Beware of being caught in the Web advertising trap
Hamilton Spectator, 06oct97, (Mark McNeil)
Attack of the killer Web sites!
c|net News, 06oct97, (Michell Brown)
Canada poised on brink of the cashless society
Hamilton Spectator, 01oct97, (Barbara Brown)
CSIS has wiretap green light
Hamilton Spectator, 01oct97, (Jim Bronskill)

September 1997

Canadian Town Tries Out Cash Cards
New York times, 30sep97, (Kalyani Vittala)
Sex crime nets probation
North Shore News, 29sep97, (Anna Marie D'Angelo)
Where cash isn't king
Financial Post, 27sep97, (Richard Blackwell)
Hacking Smart Card Chips: At What Cost?
TechWeb, 25sep97, (Mo Krochmal)
Plastic treasure ... not so smart after all
U.K. Guardian, 24sep97, (Duncan Campbell)
If cops can read E-mail, so can the bad guys
Montreal Gazette, 24sep97, (Andy Riga)
Internet Porn Trial
CBC Radio, 23sep97
An Attempt to Define the Five Most Important Privacy Issues
Le Devoir, 23sep97, (Michel Venne)
Supreme Court Justice looks for ways to regulate Internet
c|net News, 22sep97, (Mitchell Brown)
West Vancouver library grapples with Internet issue
North Shore News, 22sep97, (Catherine Barr)
E-purse anyone?
Montreal Gazette, 21sep97, (Douglas Sweet)
No censorship of cyberspace
Ottawa Citizen, 19sep97, (Chris Cobb)
Lawyers lost in cyberspace
eye weekly, 18sep97, (Ingrid Hein)
Young perv caught in the act
McMaster Silhouette, 18sep97
Judge urges curbs on Net excesses
Ottawa Citizen, 17sep97, (Carrie Buchanan)
Supreme Court Justice looks for ways to regulate Internet
Edmonton Journal, 16sep97. (Duncan Thorne)
U.S. Crypto Policy Violates Treaty
TechWeb, 16sep97. (David Braun)
Thanks, but no thanks
c|net News, 15sep97, (Mitchell Brown)
Leaked National Bank memo confirms pilot version of Mondex broken
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 15sep97, (Russell Brown)
Ottawa to target hatred on Internet
Toronto Star, 08sep97, (Peter Edwards)
SmartCard hits campus
Varsity, 08sep97, (Mike Bozak)
B'Nai Brith Conference Targets Online Hate
Wired News, 04sep97, (Ashley Craddock)
Cooking spam
The Computer Paper, 01sep97, (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

August 1997

Anglo angst spawns online hate
Convergence, 30aug97, (David Jones)
Internet web site compares Parizeau, Bouchard to Nazis
Ottawa Citizen, 29aug97, (Jake Rupert)
Parents to get TV rating guide for children
Toronto Star, 29aug97, (Antonia Zerbisias)
Champion of privacy to quit Supreme Court
Toronto Star, 27aug97, (David Vienneau)
Free ride on 407 will come to an end Oct. 14
Toronto Star, 27aug97, (Daniel Girard)
Court backs WEM in Web site dispute
Edmonton Journal, 22aug97, (Jac MacDonald)
WEM sues Internet business for $150,000 over porn site
Edmonton Journal, 20aug97, (Jac MacDonald)
La liberté sur Internet: jusqu'où ?
Le Devoir, 15aug97, (Paul Cauchon)
Le site renaît aux États-Unis
Le Devoir, 13aug97, (Paul Cauchon)
Le site anti-Québec retiré
Le Devoir, 12aug97, (Paul Cauchon)
Un pamphlet anti-Québec sur internet
Le Devoir, 11aug97, (Odile Tremblay)
The new Net
Halifax Daily News, 10aug97, (Parker Barss Donham)
Prankster e-mails porno tape invoice
Hamilton Spectator, 07aug97, (John Burman)
17-year-old charged over child pornography
Hamilton Spectator, 07aug97, (Frances Barrick)
Speaking in codes
eye weekly, 07aug97, (Ingrid Hein)
Oshawa teen charged in high school blast
Toronto Sun, 07aug97, (Kevin Hann)
Teen ready to explode
Toronto Sun, 06aug97, (Kevin Hann)
Mom's bomb scare
Hamilton Spectator, 06aug97,
It's the law vs. privacy in high-tech debate
Ottawa Citizen, 06aug97, (Charles Enman)
Hotel owner considers lawsuit against author of web site
Ottawa Citizen, 06aug97, (Kerry McGregor)
Nottingham v. Net: Game, Set, Match to Net
Wired News, 04aug97, (Ashley Craddock)
Can you keep a secret?
The Convergence, 02aug97, (David Jones)
Canadian Product Puts New Spin on Encryption Debate
New York Times, 01aug97, (Peter Wayner)

July 1997

Ratings today, censorship tomorrow
Salon, 31jul97, (Joseph D. Lasica)
Libraries grapple with kids' Web access
c|net News, 31jul97 (Sam Ladner)
Net user to take on OLF in court
Montreal Gazette, 31jul97, (Katherine Wilton)
Net ties up Notts
U.K. Guardian, 30jul97, (Duncan Campbell)
Spy agency hits free trade in scrambling technology
Associated Press, 30jul97, (Cassandra Burrell)
Entrust skirts export rules on encryption software
Globe & Mail, 29jul97, (Geoffrey Rowan)
Mobile sign bylaw moves to high court
Hamilton Spectator, 29jul97, (Eleanor Tait)
Ottawa's EI crackdown
Montreal Gazette, 28jul97, (Editorial)
Computerworld's Mondex research wins support from cyber-rights chief
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 21jul97, (Russell Brown)
Net gambling a legal mess
Montreal Gazette, 16jul97, (Ian Mulgrew)
Mondex: A house of smart cards?
The Convergence, 12jul97, (David Jones)
CANARIE to secure Net payment with Mondex card
NetCASH, 10jul97, (Ray Van Eng)
Better care with computerized medical records
The Hamilton Spectator, 08jul97, (David Parnas)
Toronto is lost
Toronto Sun, 04jul97, (Erika Kubassek)
Internet marketing targets children
Edmonton Journal, 03jul97, (Adrian Humphreys)
A single I.D. card?
The Toronto Star, 02jul97

June 1997

Decoded Direct-to-Home Programs Illegal In Canada
Newsbytes, 30jun97, (Martin Stone)
Court rules U.S. TV dishes illegal
Toronto Star, 28jun97, (Robert Brehl)
Dish ruling riles Copps' pal
Toronto Star, 28jun97, (Robert Brehl)
Court rules against U.S. satellite dishes
Hamilton Spectator, 27jun97
Top U.S. court defends Internet freedom
Globe & Mail, 27jun97, (Graham Fraser)
All the news that's fit to vote on
Globe & Mail, 27jun97, (Jack Kapica)
Law banning Intenet smut struck down
Toronto Sun, 27jun97, (Ian Harvey)
Axworthy doesn't scare Net freedom fighters
c|net News, 27jun97, (Sam Ladner)
Canadian service providers applaud U.S. Net ruling
Ottawa Citizen, 27jun97, (Erin Anderssen)
DirecTV serving gray market
Toronto Star, 26jun97, (Robert Brehl)
Congress can't ban smut on Internet, Supreme Court rules
Associated Press, 26jun97, (Laurie Asseo)
Hotline set up for Johns
Calgary Sun, 25jun97, (Peter Smith)
Net needs worldwide controls: Axworthy
Toronto Star, 25jun97, (David Crane)
DTH industry is lost in space
Edmonton Sun, 23jun97, (Michael Jenkinson)
Quebec store caught in language Web
Globe & Mail, 23jun97
The cyber snoops
Maclean's Magazine, 23jun97, (Vince Beiser)
'Nitpicking' language police told to ease off
Toronto Star, 22jun97
Summer flics
Toronto Star, 22jun97
Bill 101 on the Web
Montreal Gazette, 21jun97, (Louise Beaudoin)
Montreal party officials resign over language
Toronto Star, 21jun97, (Robert McKenzie)
A Seductive Drug Culture Flourishes on the Internet
New York Times, 20jun97, (Christopher S. Wren)
Quebec controls Web: Minister
Montreal Gazette, 20jun97, (Elizabeth Thompson)
Quebec firm ensnared in language web
Washington Post, 19jun97, (Howard Schneider)
À la chaudière
Le Journal de Montéal, 19jun97, (Michel C. Auger)
Un nouveau virus sur le Web : L'OLF
La Presse, 19jun97, (Alain Dubuc)
Now it's business-card police
Montreal Gazette, 19jun97, (Jonathon Gatehouse)
OLF overstepping its jurisdiction on Internet: Copps
Montreal Gazette, 19jun97, (Elizabeth Thompson)
Language police bust Quebec Web site
Convergence, 18jun97, (David Nodwell)
Absurdity language of choice on Net
Montreal Gazette, 18jun97, (Matt Friedman)
Smashing the little problems
Montreal Gazette, 18jun97, (Don Macpherson)
OLF makes Quebec look ridiculous
Montreal Gazette, 18jun97, (Clifford Lincoln)
Internet language policy under fire
Montreal Gazette, 18jun97, (Elizabeth Thompson, Mike King)
Rebels with many causes
Toronto Sun, 18jun97, (Ian Harvey)
Web Anglais? Non, S'il Vous Plait
Wired News, 17jun97, (Ashley Craddock)
OLF right to patrol Web: Beaudoin
Montreal Gazette, 17jun97, (Elizabeth Thompson, Mike King)
Naughty, Naughty, Nottingham
The Convergence, 16jun97, (David Jones)
Quebec's language cops slammed over Net policy
Calgary Herald, 16jun97, (Mike King)
The Internet is an important place to learn and explore
Dundas Review, 15jun97, (Jackie Blonski)
Language police patrolling Internet sites
Montreal Gazette, 14jun97, (Mike King)
Little Pig, I'll Blow Your Site Down by Ashley Craddock
Wired News, 13jun97, (Ashley Craddock)
Britain pursues banned report
c|net News, 13jun97, (Janet Kornblum)
'Gray market' sparks red alert
Toronto Star, 12jun97, (Robert Brehl)
Satanic abuse report runs wild on the Net
Independent, 11jun97, (Charles Arthur)
Governments strive to keep lid on the Net
c|net News, 10jun97, (Janet Kornblum)
B.C. man forced to remove links
Convergence, 10jun97, (David Nodwell)
Digital phones to block out eavesdroppers
Financial Post, 10jun97, (Deborah Stokes)
Bomb fear grows
Calgary Sun, 09jun97, (Kelly Harris)
Drop report, Brits tell Canadian site
c|net News, 09jun97, (Janet Kornblum)
Class reunions use Internet to grab grads
Globe & Mail, 09jun97, (Dorothy Lipovenko)
Library should monitor young Internet users
Dundas Review, 08jun97, (Walfried Goossen)
Broadcast cops lose; Satellite hackers win
The Convergence, 07jun97, (David Jones)
Finger-scanning a step closer
Toronto Sun, 05jun97 (Dick Chapman)
Fingerprinting backed
Toronto Star, 05jun97, (Gail Swainson)
Ritual Abuse Posting Sparks Furor
Wired News, 04jun97, (Ashley Craddock)
Advocates of Net freedom brace for next round in battle with Elections Canada
Ottawa Citizen, 04jun97, (Jake Rupert)
Internet firm breaks poll law
Edmonton Sun, 04jun97, (Bernard Pilon)
U.K. child abuse witch-hunt exposed
c|net News, 03jun97, (Janet Kornblum)
Web Sites Foil Canada's Election Poll Ban
Wired News, 03jun97, (Ashley Craddock)
Don't breathe a word, under penalty of law
Globe & Mail, 02jun97, (Anthony Keller)
Hamburgers and the Elections Act
Maclean's Magazine, 02jun97
Plugged In: Birth of a digital gag order
Reuters, 01jun97 (Russell Blinch
Electronic Freedom-Fighting Sites
The Computer Paper, 01jun97, (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

May 1997

Hamburger poll ban makes hash of democracy
Edmontons Sun, 31may97, (Scott Haskins)
We don't like it, but we'll respect the law
Hamilton Spectator, 31may97, (Kirk LaPointe)
When your beliefs get you fired
Hamilton Spectator, 31may97, (Shaun Herron)
Elections Canada silences a Green Party webmaster
Ottawa Citizen, 31may97, (Alison Uncles)
`Absurd, elitist' legal ban means all polls now secret
Ottawa Citizen, 31may97, (Chris Cobb)
Green party backer shuts Web site after Elections Canada letter
Canadian Press, 31may97
Internet users challenge court on poll ruling
Montreal Gazette, 30may97, (Andy Riga)
Affront to rights or much ado about nothing?
Globe & Mail, 30may97, (André Picard)
Scofflaws in cyberspace
Globe & Mail, 30may97
Web Battle in Canada
Netizen, 28may97, (Ashley Craddock)
Inappropriate Photo
Hamilton Spectator, 28may97, (Paul Branston)
Racist website not mine: Zundel
Toronto Sun, 27may97, (Zen Ruryk)
Rights panel to rule on fate of `Zundelsite'
Toronto Star, 27may97, (Dale Anne Freed)
Canadian election law prompts web-site battle
Wired News, 27may97, (Ashley Craddock)
Net no place for human rights rulings: lawyer
Hamilton Spectator, 27may97, (Chris Wattie)
Web giants plan privacy system
Hamilton Spectator, 27may97, (Josh Brown)
Legal interpretations of porn on Internet debated
London Free Press, 26may97
Breaking the Election Canada's polling ban
Convergence, 26may97, (Theresa Ebden)
Elections Canada getting needled for Internet ignorance
Hamilton Spectator, 26may97, (Andrew Dreschel)
Free Speech isn't just for Media
Financial Post, 25may97, (David Frum)
Satellite shake-up -- Public can watch
Toronto Star, 25may97, (Robert Brehl)
Gray/Black Legal Now In Canada?
Ottawa Citizen, 25may97
Reform data wiped from web
Edmonton Sun, 25may97, (Sean Durkan)
Hacker Mag's CD-ROM contains Kid Porn
Ottawa Sun, 24may97, (Brad Hunter)
The right to simply disappear
Toronto Sun, 24may97, (Connie Woodcock)
Charges stun his pals - Cops make 3 arrests in Internet kiddy porn ring
Toronto Sun, 24may97, (Dave Rider)
`We never expected this'
Hamilton Spectator, 24may97, (Josh Brown)
Is just looking at computer porn a crime? Maybe, say the experts
Hamilton Spectator, 24may97, (John Mentek)
Kiddie porn easy to see on Internet -- if you dig deep
Hamilton Spectator, 24may97, (Barbara Brown)
Elections Canada censors political discourse on the Net
Convergence, 24may97, (David Jones)
Mondex scores a victory in Canada
NetCASH, 23may97, (Ray Van Eng)
Hockey boss, wife, teen charged with child porn
Hamilton Spectator, 23may97, (John Mentek)
Elections Canada censorship is Pick of the Week
Yahoo! Canada, 23may97
Perils exaggerated
Globe & Mail, 22may97, (Sue Dirani)
So what if polls influence vote
Hamilton Spectator, 20may97, (Andrew Dreschel)
Treize sites miroirs de la page interdite par Élections Canada
Chroniques de Cyberie, 19may97, (Jean-Pierre Cloutier)
US agency decision may lock Mondex into low-value model
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 19may97, (Russell Brown)
Interview with Mondex International's John Beric
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 16may97, (Russell Brown)
Thumbs down on fingerprinting
Hamilton Spectator, 16may97, (Editorial)
Tories' fingerprint plan OK by this firm
Hamilton Spectator, 16may97, (Valerie Lawton)
Watch what you say
Hamilton Spectator, 15may97, (Marvin Ross)
Johnson gives fingerprinting thumbs up
Hamilton Spectator, 15may97, (Tom Blackwell)
Élections Canada sévit sur Internet
Chroniques de Cyberie, 15may97, (Jean-Pierre Cloutier)
Harris backs ID scans
Toronto Sun, 14may97, (James Wallace)
No, Canada : Obscure Canadian law blocks free speech on web
Netly News, 13may97, (Declan McCullagh)
Cracking Mondex a two-week job, says UK expert
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 12may97, (Russell Brown)
Anderson: The unmaking of Mondex
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 12may97, (Russell Brown)
Internet political ads run into legal blocks
Globe & Mail, 08may97, (Mary Gooderham)
Mondex's double life: E-Cash both "private" and "fully auditable"
Infoworld Canada, 07may97, (Niall McKay)
Injured boy crafted bomb from Internet
Globe & Mail, 06may97, (Jill Mahoney)
Boy hurt by bomb
Calgary Sun, 05may97, (Tony Blais)
A V-chip tug-of-war
Maclean's Magazine, 05may97, (Marci McDonald)
Security expert claims e-cash system fatally flawed
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 05may97, (Russell Brown)
Should governments try to censor the Internet?
Costco Connection, 05may97, (Jeffrey Shallit, Rubin Friedman)

April 1997

Policing the Internet During the Campaign is Futile
Hill Times, 28apr97, (Kady O'Malley)
12-year-old hailed for saving Finnish woman via computer
Associated Press, 25apr97
Smart Cards, Smart Money?
Comsumer Quarterly, 24jun97
Sommy is the Son
Toronto Sun, 21apr97 (Mark Gollom, Tracy Nesdoly)
High-tech home stalking turns out to be inside job
Toronto Star, 21apr97 (Stan Josey)
Hacker alters CBC's Internet site
Toronto Star, 21apr97
Measuring Mondex
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 19apr97, (Tom Nunn)
German prosecutors file pornography charges against CompuServe
Associated Press, 16apr97
New CompuServer porn case
Reuters, 16apr97
Injured Internet man saved by N.B. woman
Toronto Star, 11apr97
Porn Internet sites blocked
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 10apr97
Hacker's threaten financial stability
U.K. Guardian, 06apr97, (Dan Atkinson)
National Defence gets tough on Net porn
Ottawa Citizen, 05apr97, (Dave Mullington)
Internet group wants ban on illegal material
Ottawa Citizen, 05apr97, (Joanne Chianello)
Privacy up for sale in a buyer's market
Hamilton Spectator, 03apr97, (Mark McNeil)

March 1997

Student arrested for e-mail threats
Varsity, 31mar97
E-Mail threat charges laid
Toronto Sun, 28mar97, (Ian Robertson)
Internet Licensing Hoax is Pick of the Week
Yahoo! Canada, 28mar97
Police not laughing over Internet hoax
Halifax Herald, 27mar97, (Eva Hoare)
Internet `stunt' draws warning from police
Halifax Daily News, 27mar97, (Susanne Hiller)
Officials rushing to plug cyberspace loophole
Globe & Mail, 27mar97, (Mary Gooderham)
The Mondex Scenario
CBC-TV National News, 27mar97, (Channel Zero)
Storm rages over 'decency' screening
Financial Post, 22mar97, (Peter Morton)
@ The Supreme Court
Netly News, 19mar97, (Declan McCullagh, Noah Robischon)
Who's reading your electronic mail?
Globe & Mail, 18mar97, (Erik Heinrich)
Internet `decency' law endangers free speech
Toronto Star, 18mar97, (Stephen Handelman)
Cell phones have fatal flaw
Toronto Sun, 17mar97
Hollywood not amused by many fan Web pages
Globe & Mail, 15mar97, (Jeremy Barker)
Punish first, convict later
Halifax Daily News, 13mar97, (Parker Barss Donham)
Will you soon be using smart cards for electronic payments?
SunWorld, 12mar97, (Niall McKay, Sari Kalin)
Suicide pact a web of deceit
Toronto Sun, 12mar97
Internet suicide `hotbed' offers `pages' of advice
Toronto Star, 12mar97, (Barbara Turnbull)
Cyber date ends in death
Toronto Sun, 11mar97, (Robert Benzie, Ian Harvey)
Singles surfing for love and lust
Toronto Sun, 11mar97, (Ian Harvey)
Pair meet on Net, then die here in suicide pact
Toronto Star, 11mar97, (Philip Mascoll)
Internet a `boon' to hate mongers, group says
Toronto Star, 08mar97, (Cal Millar)
Lone officer on hacker patrol
Ottawa Sun, 07mar97, (Dave Rider)
While you're away, burglars will play
Ottawa Sun, 07mar97, (Dave Rider)
On the trail of pirates
Ottawa Sun, 07mar97, (Dave Rider)
Rock abandons plan for tracking offenders
Hamilton Spectator, 05mar97, (Stephen Bindman)
Let's Get Over Our Nervousness
Halifax Daily News, 02mar97, (Parker Barss Donham)

February 1997

Web possibilities make security people insecure
American Banker, 27feb97, (Jeffrey Kutler, Wendy S. Mead)
Internet firm official axed for promoting firm on Web
Financial Post, 25feb97, (Dan Westell)
Big brother is watching you - if you want
Financial Post, 21feb97, (Jill Vardy)
Is $200m enough to buy our privacy?
Hamilton Spectator, 20feb97, (Wade Hemsworth)
Man charged with Internet distribution of child porn
Hamilton Spectator, 20feb97
Law in works for DNA anti-crime databank
Hamilton Spectator, 18feb97, (Janice Tibbetts)
Province hands confidential records to debt collectors
Hamilton Spectator, 18feb97, (Wade Hemsworth)
Repair leads to charge for child pornography
Hamilton Spectator, 15feb97
What Freedom Really Is
Financial Post, 15feb97, (David Frum)
Oddball archivist aims to save the Net
Now, 13feb97, (Colman Jones)
No Net Censorship in the Classroom
Monitor Magazine, 10feb97, (James Careless)
Conservatives distorting book's views, author says
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 06feb97, (Joanne Laucius)
Parents may get more say on books
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 05feb97
Federal smart cards: Privacy vs Savings
Ottawa Citizen, 01feb97, (Ken MacQueen)

January 1997

Porn on Net leads to big bills
Toronto Star, 29jan97, (Robert Brehl)
Beer importer hits TV ad snag
Toronto Star, 29jan97, (David Israelson)
Blood records destroyed deliberately, Grace says
Hamilton Spectator, 25jan97
The public's right to know
Hamilton Spectator, 25jan97, (Editorial)
Tapes unlikely to be played at lawyers' trial
Hamilton Spectator, 25jan97, (Sharon Base)
Bernardo's lawyers slapped with porn, obstruction charges
Halifax Herald, 24jan97, (Gloria Galloway)
Bernardo's ex-lawyers charged
Globe & Mail, 24jan97, (Henry Hess and Michael Grange)
Kid porn charge for woman
Ottawa Sun, 24jan97, (Maria McClintock)
Teacher fired for racy Web site
Edmonton Journal, 23jan97
Pirates invade the Web!
Maclean's Magazine, 20jan97, (Bob Scott)
Are we unshockable?
Edmonton Journal, 18jan97, (Ian Haysom)
Watchdog's protest on tracking UI fraud fails
Hamilton Spectator, 18jan97, (Jim Bronskill)
Man jailed 90 days for child pornography
Hamilton Spectator, 17jan97
Man faces more charges in shoecam sex assaults
Hamilton Spectator, 17jan97
Man faces child pornography charges
Hamilton Spectator, 17jan97
Taking the V for Violence out of TV
Hamilton Spectator, 16jan97, (Bertrand Marotte)
Regulating the Net
Toronto Star, 16jan97, (Wade Rowland)
Metro firm buys rights to V-Chip
Toronto Star, 15jan97, (Robert Brehl)
Internet porn cases raise rights issues
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 13jan97, (Jim Morris)
Film star HAL was ahead of his time
Toronto Star, 12jan97, (Joseph Hall)
Big Brother is Watching You
Halifax Daily News, 12jan97, (Parker Barss Donham)
New Theme School Approved
McMaster Silhouette, 09jan97, (Josh Bongard)
Net users can leave trail on newsgroups
Halifax Daily News, 09jan97, (David Rodenhiser)
Internet cop says he's no Big Brother
Halifax Daily News, 09jan97, (David Rodenhiser)
Downloading porn at work unstoppable
Ottawa Sun, 09jan97, (Dave Rider)
Kiddie porn probe nets ex-Mitel man
Ottawa Sun, 08jan97, (Susan Sherring and Dave Rider)
Disgraced cleric leaves town
Halifax Daily News, 08jan97, (Susanne Hiller)
Net provider willingly gave police access to file
Halifax Daily News, 08jan97, (Shuane MacKinley)
Halifax, U.S. cops track alleged child-porn ring
Halifax Daily News, 08jan97
Cantor fined for child porn
Halifax Herald, 08jan97, (Eva Hoare and Amy Pubsley Fraser)
Seized pornography sadistic smorgasbord
Halifax Herald, 08jan97, (Eva Hoare and Barry Dorey)
Internet rife with pornography
Halifax Herald, 08jan97, (Paul Schneidereit)
Cursing Smurf no joking matter to mother
Hamilton Spectator, 08jan97, (Adrian Humphreys)
Hoax: Rampant pornography forces Resnet to shut down indefinitely
Queen's Journal, 07jan97, (C. Lyn Gustov)
Canadian Authorities Investigate Controversial Web Site
Yahoo! Internet Life, 02jan97

December 1996

Censorship Ahoy!
eye weekly, 26dec96, (Ingrid Hein)
Reefer Madness
Netly News, 24dec96, (Declan McCullagh)
Why are marijuana smokers singled out by the law?
London Free Press, 20dec96, (David Dauphinee)
Hydro-Québec has right to know customer's SIN
Montreal Gazette, 19dec96, (Bernard Perusse)
The perception of freedom of speech
Toronto Sun, 19dec96, (Christie Blatchford)
Attack on large Web service provider comes from Canada
Toronto Sun, 16dec96, (Elizabeth Weise)
Tracking high-tech pedophiles
Globe & Mail, 14dec96, (Mary Gooderham, Brian Laghi)
Surveillance for Internet abuse runs into employee's privacy rights
Globe & Mail, 14dec96, (Brian Laghi)
Regulating the Global Information Bazaar
The Hill Times, 09dec96, (Kady O'Malley)
National Defence employee charged in porn case
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 10dec96 (Southam)
A real writer wouldn't be caught dead at this orgy
Globe & Mail, 04dec96, (Robert Fulford)
Rock to narrow use of electronic monitor
Globe & Mail, 04dec96, (Anne McIlroy)
Patrolling the Internet
Globe & Mail, 02dec96, (Anthony Keller)
Net-borne porn reveals deeper trouble
Technology in Government, dec96, (Kady O'Malley)
Can the Internet be regulated?
Toronto Computes!, dec96, (Lauren Blankstein)
Letter from the Editor (re: anti-Bouchard web page)
Ottawa Computes!, dec96, (Christopher Guly)

November 1996

Violent Kiddie Porn Seized
Toronto Sun, 27nov96, (Ian Robertson)
Zundel's web site focus of complaints
Hamilton Spectator, 23nov96, (Stephen Bindman)
Hate records 'tips of the iceberg'
Hamilton Spectator, 23nov96
Canada: Land of Regulation
Hamilton Spectator, 23nov96, (Andrew Coyne)
Human Rights Body to Investigate Hate on Internet
Canadian Press, 22nov96, (Dennis Bueckert)
New technologies threaten privacy, top judge warns
Toronto Star, 22nov96, (Stephen Bindman, Jim Bronskill)
Judge blasts TV-dish raids
Toronto Star, 22nov96, (Robert Brehl)
If you can't say anything nice...
eye weekly, 21nov96, (Ingrid Hein)
Ottawa out on a legal limb over DTH TV
Globe & Mail, 18nov96, (Geoffrey Rowan, Harvey Enchin)
Free Speech and Common Sense
Washington Post, 15nov96, (Editorial)
Don't shut down Internet racists, forum urged
Toronto Star, 15nov96, (Nick Pron)
New CRTC boss floats Net folly
Ottawa Sun, 14nov96, (Rob Hall)
Home-page not hateful
Ottawa Sun, 14nov96
Timing opportune for Internet code of conduct
Montreal Gazette, 13nov96, (Matthew Friedman)
ISPs adopt industry code of conduct
Ottawa Sun, 13nov96, (Rob Hall)
Lawyer blasts Mounties over satellite cases delay
Toronto Star, 12nov96, (Robert Brehl)
Web page likens Lucien to Hitler
Ottawa Sun, 10nov96
Access blocked to 'I Hate Bouchard' Web page
Ottawa Citizen, 09nov96, (Marty Logan)
Canuck held in kid porn sweep
Toronto Sun, 05nov96, (Scot Magnish)
Is there anti-Semitism in the sovereignty movement?
McGill Tribune, 05nov96, (Samantha Lapedus)
Internet group strikes conduct code
Globe & Mail, 02nov96, (Geoffrey Rowan)

October 1996

Kids will be kids
Burlington Post, 25oct96, (Editorial)
Porn forces library to limit Internet access
Burlington Post, 25oct96, (Paul Mitchison)
Cops hunt source of kiddie porn e-mail
Ottawa Sun, 23oct96, (Sarah Green)
Privacy Key Issue in Online Environment
Hill Times, 21oct96, (Pierre Bourque)

September 1996

Porn study: Where's the harm?
Ottawa Citizen, 21sep96, (Peter Calamai)
Largest remailer unhooks itself
Now, 05sep96, (Colman Jones)
The Internet's Red Light District
Alberta Report, 02sep96, (Michael Jenkinson)

August 1996

Hate crime on Internet hard to stop
Ottawa Citizen, 28aug96, (Dave Rogers)
Going Cryptic on the Net
Ottawa Citizen, 23aug96, (Brad Evenson)
Bomb info OK in books but G-7 wants it off Net
Now, 15aug96, (Colman Jones)
Internet Connect pulls the plug on 15 controversial newsgroups
Edmonton Journal, 14aug96, (Kerry Powell)
Hunt on for ISP test case
Ottawa Sun, 14aug96, (Rob Hall)

July 1996

The Great White North
Netizen, 29jul96, (Declan McCullagh)
Electronic Frontier fights censorship on the Internet
Globe & Mail, 23jul96, (Derek Winkler)
Unstoppable cyberporn forces us to confront basic issues
Ottawa Citizen, 20jul96, (Peter Calamai)
Cyberporn charges
Ottawa Sun, 18jul96, (Stephanie Rubec, Sarah Green)
iSTAR not alone in Net crackdown
Ottawa Sun, 17jul96, (Rob Hall)
IStar blocks `illegal activity'
Ottawa Sun, 10jul96, (Stuart McCarthy)
Jacking in from the "Keys to the Kingdom" Port
Cyberwire Dispatch, 03jul96, (Brock Meeks and Declan McCullagh)

June 1996

Policing Internet is impractical and undesirable, rights groups charge
Canadian Press, 08jun96

April 1996

A Lesson in Reading
Maclean's Magazine, 08apr96, (Joe Chidley)
Mac prof stirs up international debate
McMaster Silhouette, 04apr96, (Josh Bongard)

March 1997

Censorship in Spicer's own words
Ottawa Citizen, 30mar96, (Peter Calamai)
Teen faces 'net hate charges
Winnipeg Free Press, 29mar96, (Doug Nairne)
Canadian Librarians are steaming over Book-Rating Plan on the Net
Wall Street Journal, 28mar96, (Ross Kerber)
The V-Chip
Halifax Daily News, 17mar96, (Parker Barss Donham)
Who's Censoring Whom? an international perspective
The Spider's Web, 15mar96, (Robin Rowland)
Net community plays shellgame with would-be censors
Canada Computes!, 12mar96, (Saul Chernos)

January 1996

Child-less Pornography
id Magazine, 25jan96, (Chad Skelton)


Media help to whip up anti-Internet hysteria
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, (Jeffrey Shallit)
Who to Know: The Digerati
Shift Magazine, 01nov95, (Rodney Palmer)
Crime and Punishment
Hamilton Magazine, 01nov95, (Elizabeth Kelly)
Bell gets its fingers burned on 'The Net'
Maclean's, (16oct95)
Swindon sniffs at smart card
Electronic Telegraph, 04jul95, (Charlotte Beugge)
BBS Kiddie Porn
Lawyer's Weekly, 23jun95, (Lynn Niedzwiecki)
Civil Surfing
Maclean's Magazine, 20mar95
Information highway ride lands parolee in Ottawa jail
Ottawa Citizen, 19feb95, (Leonard Stern)


Show Breaks Sex Taboo
Globe & Mail, 14dec93, (Kate Taylor)
How to rob a bank the cashcard way
The Sunday Telegraph (UK), 25apr93, (Barbara Lewis)


Barclays defends its cash machines
The Times (London), 07nov92, (Sara McConnell)
Banks face legal challenge over cash card fraud
The Independent (UK), 12aug92, (Susan Watts)
Banks face challenge over teller machines
The Financial Times (UK), 27jun92, (Barbara Ellis)

Older press clippings may be found in EFC's Gopher Archives.