Electronic Frontier Canada
- Supporting Members -

Electronic Frontier Canada is an all-volunteer organization.

EFC's Supporting Members form a vital part of the organization. For one thing, Supporting Members support EFC's goals financially, through supporting memberships and donations. This financial aid goes to support EFC's Activities. Upon request, EFC members may receive confidential yearly financial statements and membership summaries from the Treasurer. Please note that yearly financial statements and membership summaries are not public documents. In particular, individual membership information is considered private and is not shared unless you have explicitly stated that it may be shared with organizations with similar goals.

EFC's Supporting Members also play a vital role by bringing important issues to the attention of EFC's board, either through electronic mail addressed privately to board members, or through our public electronic mailing list, efc-talk. In this manner, EFC's Supporting Members have an important impact on EFC policies and press releases. EFC's policies are often formulated after heavy consultation with members.

On occasion, the Board turns to individual supporting members, particularly those with Francophone abilities, to speak to the media on current issues when Board members are unavailable.

EFC's members are represented by the yearly elected position of Policy Coordinator, who helps the Board formulate policy and press releases.

We are often asked, what else can Supporting Members do? We always need volunteers in the following areas:

French Translation of Archive Materials

Unfortunately, EFC's archives (both World-Wide-Web and gopher-based) are noticeably lacking in French content. We are always seeking Francophone volunteers willing to translate articles, policies, and press releases into Canada's other official language.

Clipping Services

EFC's Supporting Members are encouraged to send the Board, either electronically, or via Canada Post, copies of newspaper and magazine articles dealing with cyberspace issues relevant to EFC's mandate. Many such articles are then placed in EFC's media archives.

Policy Development

Ultimately, EFC would like to develop an archive of position papers on cyberspace issues. We have written a position paper on cryptography, but many other position papers are needed. Here are a few topics: junk mail and spamming, hate propaganda, obscene material, child pornography, and anonymous communication. We especially encourage contributions from lawyers and law students.