Privacy: Mondo Zero?

[Mondex is fully auditable.]

[Little Brothers Are Watching]

Mondex and Anonymity (16sep95, 21jun96)
Privacy International accused Mondex of false advertising when they claimed ``In everyday use Mondex transactions are anonymous, just like cash.'' ``This claim is an outright lie'', wrote Simon Davies in his letter of complaint under the Trade Descriptions Act. Mondex later changed their advertising to remove the word `anonymous'.

The Mondex Connection (17dec96)
an independent report about Mondex, prepared by P.J.Lilley.

CIBC memo re: Mondex (30jan97)
an internal bank memorandum that is quite frank and expresses considerable concern about the need to `manage public perception' about Mondex and privacy issues. ``[I]t's a significant risk that if any of these [privacy] groups discover that Mondex transactional data is being collected from merchant logs they would ... stir negative headlines with `Big Brother' accusations.''

Will you soon be using smart cards for electronic payments? (12mar97)
article from SunWorld Magazine by Niall McKay and Sari Kalin.

The Mondex Scenario (27mar97)
transcript of the television program that aired on CBC-TV's National Magazine. This was the first of the trilogy, ``The Electronic Eye: Canada as a Surveillance Society'', created by Channel Zero.

Privacy up for sale in a buyer's market (03apr97)
article from the Hamilton Spectator by Mark McNeil about smart cards and audit trails.

Mondex's double life: E-Cash both "private" and "fully auditable" (07may97)
article in InforWorld Canada by Niall McKay comments about Mondex's conflicting perspective: Is it both private and fully auditable?


Security: Mondo Zero?

Computerworld's Mondex research wins support from cyber-rights chief
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 21jul97, (Russell Brown)
Cracking Mondex a two-week job, says UK expert
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 12may97, (Russell Brown)
Anderson: The unmaking of Mondex
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 12may97, (Russell Brown)
Security expert claims e-cash system fatally flawed
Computerworld News Wire (New Zealand), 05may97, (Russell Brown)

Hacker's threaten financial stability
U.K. Guardian, 06apr97, (Dan Atkinson)