Québec Language Police:

« trop d'anglais sur l'inforoute ? »

The Office de la langue francaise (OLF) has dispatched its language police to surf the Net and track down web sites operated by Quebec companies that contain too much English, and not enough French.

Humourless technocrats reign on Infobahn!
- Les gendarmes patrouillent l'inforoute -
The Convergence, 21jun97, (David Jones)


Micro-Bytes Logiciel
This web site contains lots of French and English.

l'Office de la langue française
This web site contains `virtually' no English. La Charte de la langue française n'est pas disponible en anglais.

Micro-Bytes Mini-FAQ
The webmaster for Micro-Bytes has created a web page with answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the whole OLF v. Micro-Bytes affair. Visit this page for the latest news.


letter from OLF to Microbtyes (06feb97)

letter from OLF to Microbtyes (29may97)

Email Addresses:

Micro-Bytes Logiciel --> info@microbytes.com
Staff at Micro-Bytes say they are encouraged by words of support and don't mind receiving your email. They will try to give everyone a personal reply, but they may become overwhelmed.
l'Office de la langue française --> scom@olf.gouv.qc.ca
L'Office de la langue française would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
Louise Beaudoin --> louise.beaudoin/depute/pq@assnat.qc.ca
The provincial Minister of Culture and Communications would like to know if you agree with her view that the OLF has jurisdiction to regulate content on the Internet in Quebec.
Clifford Lincoln --> ?email?
This local MNA for Pointe-Claire has spoken out in support of his constituent.
Sheila Copps --> min_copps@pch.gc.ca
The Canadian Heritage Minister has already stated publicly that the OLF lacks jurisdiction over the Internet. She is apparently reluctant to act until the matter goes to court.
Anne McClellan --> ?email?
The new Justice Minister might be expected to have something to say about provincial bureaucrats threatening and harassing Canadian citizens by claiming authority that is clearly outside their jurisdiction. It might be viewed as negligent and irresponsible to let citizens be needlessly intimidated.
Stéphane Dion --> ?email?
The Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs ought to have something to say about whether policing Internet content is a federal or provincial matter, n'est-ce pas?

Media Coverage:

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