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Private Member's Anti-Internet Bill a Cynical Ploy

Chris Axworthy (NDP), a veteran M.P. from Saskatoon, has introduced a private member's Bill C-396 which requires Internet service providers to be licenced. With an upcoming election, this bill has essentially no chance of passing - a good thing, since it is certainly unconstitutional. It's also a cynical ploy to court votes from an uneducated public on a hot-button issue - child pornography - say the founders of Electronic Frontier Canada, Canada's premier organization devoted to the preservation of civil liberties in cyberspace.

"You don't need a licence to own and operate a typewriter, a photocopier, or a printing press", said David Jones, president of Electronic Frontier Canada, "and neither should you need one to be an Internet service provider". Jones expressed his concerns in a stern letter to Axworthy, sent earlier today.

Axworthy's bill would give the Minister of Justice broad and unprecedented powers to regulate freedom of expression and freedom of the press, ostensibly to control child pornography. Tax dollars would be wasted on a large bureaucratic structure to fight a problem that is already being dealt with.

"Media hype has dramatically overstated the amount of child pornography on the Internet", said Jeffrey Shallit, Vice-President of Electronic Frontier Canada and an associate professor of computer science at the University of Waterloo. "We don't need a big new bureaucracy to deal with child porn on the Internet; existing laws are perfectly capable of dealing with the problem."

"It's just a cynical ploy to get votes", said Shallit. "This bill has absolutely no chance of passing, with an election expected to be called in less than a week. It's a sad way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Founded in 1994, Electronic Frontier Canada is a Canadian nonprofit corporation with hundreds of members drawn from all Canadian provinces and territories. EFC is devoted to the protection of the rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as new communications technologies are introduced into Canadian society.


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David Jones, President, Electronic Frontier Canada

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