Praise for EFC and EFC's web site

I fully support your efforts to keep the Internet free. Giving the government power to dictate what is proper or true is asking for a predictable enslavement. Keep up the good work.
-- Dr. Bern Johnston, Nanyang Girl's High School, Singapore, (27mar98)

Fantastic resource! Contains the stuff they should have told me in school. I'll be back.
-- John Gayder, St. Catharines, ON, Canada, (17feb98)

Just wanted to extend thanks for the great website. I'm conducting research into law enforcement and technology, and found your site to be exceptionally well organized and very helpful in pointing out "CANADIAN" law (precedents etc..). Often times, it is very difficult to get "non-U.S." information.
-- Peter West, Student at Woodroffe High School, Ottawa, ON, Canada, (05dec97)